Why are we living in a world so cruel

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why are we living in a world so cruel

Frozen Fever: The Deluxe Novelization by Walt Disney Company

I remember when I first discovered that there was a junior novelization of the short film Frozen Fever, and I was amazed that a seven-minute film was adapted into a ninety-two-page junior novelization (written by Victoria Saxon). I figured that the novelization must have been laden with new material and an extended plot, and for the most part, I wasnt surprised or disappointed. The novelization does extend the story a bit, adding a lot more dialogue than is in the short film (since most of the short film is composed of the song Making Today a Perfect Day); there is even a flashback scene to Annas birth. I love Frozen, but I was honestly a bit disappointed when I saw Frozen Fever because there isnt really much of a plot. Elsa has planned a surprise birthday party for Anna, which is threatened when rambunctious, mischievous little snowmen are created by Elsas sneezes. I guess that it would be rather unreasonable for one to expect an intricate plot from a seven-minute film, though. The junior novelization does expand on it a bit more but mostly just by, as I said, extending scenes and adding dialogue; there still is not much of a plot or a conflict. Frozen Fever also introduces a lot of plot-holes that no one on the web seems to be questioning. Olaf continues to sport his own personal flurry, but the little snowmen that Elsa creates are not protected by such magic, so why dont they melt? The end of the story also reveals that Marshmallow is still living in Elsas icy palace, but why hasnt he and the palace melted? I was also hoping that the novelization would explain how/why Elsas sneezes create life, but the 102-minute first film doesnt even explain how she created Olaf, so I shouldnt be surprised by that. I was not surprised that the characterizations of the characters in the novelization was very simplistic, since it is a junior novelization intended primarily for children, but I do believe that all diehard Frozen fans should read this since it offers a better look at Annas perfect day.
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12 Stones - World So Cold (lyrics)

What's the point in living in a world that's so cruel? . Why should we live in this cruel world? Why do we say this world is so cruel?.
Walt Disney Company

Why Are We Living In A World So Cruel. - Poem by Curtis Mosby

I live in anguish because of my sight. Want let the pain go to sleep tonight Do we care that our children are suffering constant. In thier on mind they are mislead. Grave's expand to take up more land where kid's use to play. Drugs is an epidemic in society proven to bring you down. No one never stop to help the really unfornuate one look around.

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We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Travelers tell the Washington Post that airport and airline staff were not forthcoming with helpful information about when their plane might cease being useless, or if anything really matters in a universe devoid of meaning. The Magic 8 Ball of fate finally appeared to be in their favor when, after more than a dozen hours, passengers were told they would finally be boarding only to be mocked by the futility of existence when, following another 30 minutes spent idling on a skybridge, they were sent back to the gate for additional waiting. Things got heated between the two, then hands were raised, sending the boulder of civil discourse back down the hill again.

It's a shame that we live in a world that constantly judges you. Everywhere you go, someone is going to look at you differently. People in society will judge you regarding your race, ethnicity, appearance, gender, sexuality, and more. How is one supposed to feel if they constantly have a target on their back? It's hard to fake a smile everyday but it's a shame that we have to. America is supposed to be a country full of freedom but there is no freedom if you are not living life the way you want.


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