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Books by L. Michael Hall (Author of Mind-Lines)

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Effective Parenting - unleashing your child's genius with Dr L. Michael Hall

Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Union Institute University, Cincinnati, Ohio. Meta-Coaching is an International Coach Training program based on Self-Actualization Psychology and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology. Meta-Coaching offers a systematic approach to coaching, using.
L. Michael Hall

For the first time in Sweden!

In previous works, I have described the role of "metaphors" as language The Secrets of Magic, and as meta-level phenomena that sets higher frames or meta-states over primary states Meta-States Journal. Even the word tells us about this. You can see the word "meta" in "metaphor;" it is built right into the term. Meta above, beyond, about and phorein to bring, carry over speaks about how we bring one thought or reference over to another. When we do that, we set the metaphor reference up as a formatting frame for whatever experience we're in reference to. Doing this enables us to engage in a much higher level kind of thinking, we are then able to think about one thing in terms of another. And, that's what a metaphor is, an analogy.

Users Online: Michael Hall Books. Downloads In doing so the authors bring order, understanding, and magic to the use of language in influencing, persuading, selling, Michael Hall, Ph. In this way you can develop the higher frames of mind that will enable you to control your

Great Experience co-trained with Mariani Ng who did a very well in her first experience of co-training! From the first time I read Unlimited Power, I knew that he had a real gift of explaining difficult things. Then over the years, it became evident that he was a genius in marketing, branding, and entertaining. Even to this day, I would guess that Tony brings more people into the field of NLP than all of the rest of us combined. Years ago I had a front The Vision of collaboration has an interesting application.

Develop your skills and become a requested group and Team Coach. The market is increasing for coaches who are experienced and competent to manage and develop working groups to effective teams. If you are already a coach and have the basics of coaching this course will expand your toolbox.
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Since then we have also published other works in this field of Neuro-Semantics. The most radical and revolutionary of is the work regarding the so-called "submodality" model. Since we have had many questions about this new field, this paper will utilize the following questions that we most frequently hear people ask to navigate our way through the process of setting off the distinctive features of Neuro-Semantics. I have written this with the invaluable help of my colleagues, Bob Bodenhamer and Elvis Keith Lester. Out of those conversations we wrote several articles regarding the current state of affairs in NLP. Our passion was to get more credibility and validity for the field that seemed so disorganized and torn by competition in the USA. Simultaneously, we were developing numerous new patterns using the Meta-States Model.


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    L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. is an entrepreneur who lives in the Rocky Mountains of western Colorado where he had a private therapy practice for many years.

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