Spend spend spend pools winner

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spend spend spend pools winner

Spend, Spend, Spend by Vivian Nicholson

A gem among tawdry memoirs.

Vivian Nicholson was a hard-scrabble sort who won big in the British lottery in the early 1960s. Asked by reporters what she planned to do with the money, she said, Im going to spend, spend, spend! This book details her wild spending sprees, heartaches, and hairdos. Viv has deliciously excessive tastes.

Even the chapter titles are exciting: Everything So Stardusty, Werewolves and Spanish Liquorice, Im Sick to Teeth of Money, Collapsation of the Mental Innards, Viv Defies the Pope!

This book was brought to me through the magic of interlibrary loan.

Highly recommended for fans of celebrity tell-alls.
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'Spend, spend, spend' football pools winner, Viv Nicholson, dies aged 79

Even today, when millionaires are generated two or three times a week by the National Lottery, the British public still prefer those who have wealth suddenly thrust upon them to respond with a cautiousness bordering on indifference, to be as level-headed in their spending as a stoic tycoon. Wealth fascinates us but money is vulgar, and if, watching safely from the moral high ground, we see it cost some lucky soul dear, that reassures us that we are better off without the jackpot that fate is probably never going to serve us up. She was unapologetic and brassy. She was a crowd all by herself, a gutsy champagne blonde would could eat men for breakfast and who believed life was about more than just cooking their tea. Vivian Asprey was born in Castleford, West Yorkshire in

In an interview in the Observer she said:. The week before we won, we desperately needed some money. After paying the bills, it was hard to make ends meet. Back then, even the eight pence meant something. My mum and dad came round with some cans and we had loads to drink and smoke. We did that for a couple of nights, before getting the train to London to collect our winnings from Littlewoods. Original photo caption from September Miner Keith Howard Nicholson, 23, and his 25yr old wife Vivian were presented with a cheque for , 8s, in London, for their Treble Chance Littlewoods soccer pool win.

In fact, he guarantees it. The youngest son of Viv Nicholson, the year-old father-of-three, jumps in with the answer. Howard is speaking some two years after the death of his mother, who he says led a turbulent life but of whom he says most people have the wrong impression. It was one of her dying wishes I write a book, so people would know the real Viv. At the time, she was suffering from dementia. As it got progressively worse, I took [the book] more seriously.

Vivian Nicholson (3 April 11 April ) was a British woman who became famous Keith won the pools on 30 September Nicholson and her husband's constant and lavish spending sprees (involving purchases . /uk- news//apr/12/spend-spend-spend-football-pools-winner-viv-nicholson-dies- aged
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Sign in. The star of " The Boys " has a great Watchlist that she can't stop re-watching. Watch now. Title: Spend Spend Spend 15 Mar Autobiographical tale about Viv Nicholson who had a large Football Pools win in the early s, and the ultimately destructive effect it had on her and her family. Viv Nicholson, high school drop out, sees a football pools win as the way out of a humdrum life.

She and her husband won the money when she was But by the time she was 30, Vivian Nicholson universally known as Viv Nich had not only spent it all, but had also buried her husband, Keith, and returned to her humble roots, reflecting ruefully on her fate as one of the first media celebrities of the pre-Beatles s. Portrayed in the papers as a hellcat with the outrageous personality to match her money and her looks Viv Nicholson laboured under the image of a working-class blonde who had led a champagne-fuelled life of depravity and whose fall, when it came, was no less than she deserved. Viv Nicholson after the win Ross Parry. It was scarcely surprising. With the cars came the clothes, furs, frocks, shoes she once bought 14 pairs at one go jewellery, watches and exotic holidays.

Her mother was asthmatic. As the oldest child, she was expected to help with taking care of her younger brothers and sisters and scavenge for coal. Growing up in extreme poverty, she was not allowed to take up a scholarship she had won to art school. She became pregnant at age 16 and married Matthew Johnson, but left him to marry her neighbour, Keith Nicholson, two years later. By she had four children.


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