Rainbow family of living light 2018

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rainbow family of living light 2018

2018 Annual Rainbow Gathering: A Photo-Documentary by HWG Photography by Haley Gilreath

I have always been fascinated by other cultures, so when I discovered that the Rainbow Family of Living Light had chosen the United States National Forest in my hometown of Dahlonega, GA for their 2018 annual Rainbow Gathering site, I was excited to see what it was about. I wanted to infiltrate the Rainbow Family and learn as much as I could about them as individuals; I also decided to photo-document my research methods, as a way for me to look back on this experience. The result of my research is displayed in this book. Each chapter is accompanied by my own personal commentary based on the first-hand experiences that I confronted. I was pleasantly surprised by the people I met, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning all I could about the origins and practices of the Rainbow Family.
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We Love You (Official Full-Length) Rainbow Gathering Documentary

The Dark Side of the Rainbow Gathering

Wikimedia Commons A Rainbow Family gathering in the summer Around since the early s, this counter-culture group was heavily inspired by the famous Woodstock Festival as well as the anti-war, pro-love movements. Unlike many of the hippie groups that saturated the s before fading away, the Rainbow Family lives on, holding annual Rainbow Gatherings. Wikimedia Commons A Rainbow Gathering trader circle. Though the Rainbow Family boasts that it has no leader, there were two men largely credited for starting it. Barry Plunker and Garrick Beck were in their late 20s when they had a prophetic vision.

The relationship between the Rainbow and the internet is a tangled and polemic one; some people would rather that no information at all about the Rainbow Gatherings was posted online while others are quite happy to create a Facebook page for each one. I keep a more or less updated calendar of where are the next Rainbow Gatherings. I also organise The Festival of Creativity which is partly inspired by Rainbows and has a similar spirit but with many more workshops. I get my information from friends, searches for Rainbow Gatherings on Facebook and the following sites:. You have to be invited by someone to join it.

Photo by Cavale Doom via Flickr. Heber City, Utah, is usually a quiet town. Nestled in a tranquil valley of the Wasatch Mountain Range, somewhere in between Salt Lake City and Provo, the little bedroom community has some of the lowest unemployment and crime rates in the state.
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A closer look at the first Rainbow Family of Living Light gathering in Georgia

2018 Rainbow Family of Living Light

The morning began with a circle of 2, adults holding hands in relative silence across the meadow at Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest in Lumpkin County. Children formed another circle in the center as a sacred sound rose spontaneously through the crowd. For many of the self-proclaimed hippies, nudists, anarchists and iconoclasts attending the annual month long gathering of the Rainbow Family of Living Light, this circle a prayer for world peace on Independence Day is the high point. But gatherers would soon learn that not everyone among them was at peace. Capstraw, who confessed to killing Robinson in Elizabethtown, Ky. Forest Service, which has had more than 40 years of experience with Rainbow gatherings. The tragedy has left some Rainbows pondering the future, including how to spread the vision and tradition of Rainbow gatherings to new generations.

Just a dozen or so people enter the woods like explorers, searching out campsites, kitchen locations and mountain springs, in preparations for the horde of yearly revelers following behind them. And in the coming days and weeks, thousands of people travel from all over the nation to the Bull Mountain area of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, a quick minute drive outside of Dahlonega, to live, love, pray, heal, serve and witness the creation of a community at the Rainbow Family National Gathering. Each year since the Rainbow Family of Living Light a shifting, leaderless, collective group has come together in a different national forest to grow a community and to pray for world peace. The event coincides with the Fourth of July holiday and climaxes on July 4 with a day-long spiritual gathering in the main meadow. To get a better picture of this unique phenomenon, two reporters and I spent a day at the gathering, talking to Rainbow Family Members, taking photos and video of them, and learning as much as we could about their lives. Each year since , the gathering has come together around the Fourth of July in a different national forest to grow a community and pray for world peace. At a.


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    The national gathering will be near Bull Mountain, just outside of Nimblewill, between Ellijay and Dahlonega for July 4th.

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