Fixed asset accounting best practices

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fixed asset accounting best practices

Fixed Asset Accounting by Steven M. Bragg

Fixed Asset Accounting addresses the GAAP and IFRS accounting for all key fixed asset topics, including capital budgeting, interest capitalization, asset retirement obligations, depreciation, impairment, and disposal. The book delves into many other areas of interest to the accountant, including the record keeping, controls, policies and procedures, measurements, asset tracking, and auditing procedures related to fixed assets.
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SAP Asset Accounting Complete Configuration - Live Demo

Fixed assets may represent a significant area in many organizations. This article provides a list of fixed best practices.
Steven M. Bragg

Best Practices for Fixed Asset Managers

What is a fixed asset? How do fixed assets and inventory differ? What are some fixed asset types? Computer equipment 3. Furniture and fixtures 3.

Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more. The handling of fixed assets requires the use of several rigidly defined procedures to ensure that transactions are recorded and valued properly. The largest set of fixed asset controls relates to the acquisition of fixed assets; given the sometimes massive costs required to install fixed assets, it is entirely appropriate to install rigorously enforced controls over the acquisition process. Given the significant amount of funds usually needed to acquire a fixed asset, there always should be a formal approval process before a purchase order is issued.

Best practices for fixed asset management and suggest tips for implementing them in your organization. These best practices will help you to seek out potential savings in your fixed asset base and show you how to save time in the process. The suggestions will guide you to:. In the world of accounting, the savings potential of improved fixed asset management is often overlooked. Yet assets like land, buildings, transportation, and manufacturing equipment, represent the largest investments most companies make. Sound fixed asset management can yield substantial tax savings in depreciation deductions.

Fixed asset best practices

One of the areas in which a procedure can be quite useful is for the initial recognition of a fixed asset in the accounting system , since this is a relatively complicated transaction. The procedure for completing the asset recognition process is outlined below:. The exact types of information recorded for a fixed asset will vary by business, which means that the following procedure may need to be adjusted. The following sample procedure is intended for the recordation of a manufacturing asset. There should be a detailed depreciation procedure that specifies exactly how to categorize each fixed asset and how to depreciate it based on the asset class to which it is assigned.

But due to inertia or even lack of resources, some companies are reticent to make the switch to technology that can help improve their business practices and bottom line. Examples of fixed assets include laptops, cloud computing software, machinery and real estate all of which can be costly to replace if lost, damaged or mishandled according to the law. Choosing software and learning how to best utilize it might seem daunting to newcomers. By following this list of best practices, you will begin to understand exactly where to start and how to choose the correct fixed asset inventory software for your business. On the other end of the scale, fixed asset management also refers to keeping track of office necessities like toner and ink. A leader with the support of all executives and stakeholders should be responsible for determining what assets are necessary to track and what software is needed to track them. Whoever gets the final say, ensure they understand all of the moving pieces involved in selecting new asset management software for your business.

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