Who reigned after edward 7

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who reigned after edward 7

The Heir Apparent: A Life of Edward VII, the Playboy Prince by Jane Ridley

King Edward the VII, affectionately called Bertie, was fifty-nine when he took the throne in 1901, upon the death of his mother Queen Victoria. To everyones great surprise, this playboy prince sobered up and became an extremely effective leader and the founder of Englands modern monarchy. For readers of Sally Bedell Smiths Elizabeth the Queen and Robert K. Massies Catherine the Great.

This is not only the best biography of King Edward VII; its also one of the best books about royalty ever published. So began the London Independents review of this wonderfully entertaining biography of Britains playboy king-a Prince Charles of the Victorian age, only a lot more fun-who waited for nearly six decades to get his chance to rule. A notorious gambler, glutton and womanizer (he was dubbed Edward the Caresser), the world was his oyster as this aging Prince of Wales took advantage of his royal entitlements to travel, hunt, socialize, over-indulge-he smoked a dozen cigars a day-and bed a string of mistresses and married women in addition to his own wife. His mother Queen Victoria despaired: Bertie, I grieve to say, shows more and more how totally, totally unfit he is for ever becoming king. And yet by the time he died in 1910, after only nine years on the throne, he had proven to be a hard working, effective king and an ace diplomat, at home and abroad.

A bestseller in the UK, this exhaustively researched, richly colorful and wittily observed biography (the London Sunday Times) is a tremendously entertaining read for history buffs and royal watchers.
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Biography: King George V

Edward VII

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Edward was born on 9 November in London, the eldest son of Victoria and her prince consort, Albert. He was subjected to a strict regime from an early age, as his parents were keen to ensure he was prepared to rule. He attended both Oxford and Cambridge and briefly joined the army. A liaison with an actress caused considerable scandal and Prince Albert visited his son to reprimand him. Albert died two weeks later and Victoria held her son partly responsible for the death of his father.

A popular member of social and sporting circles, Edward VII strengthened England's ties with the rest of Europe, although his relationship with Germany's emperor—his nephew—was rocky. His reforms of the military and navy prepared them well for World War I.
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Born during the reign of his grandmother Queen Victoria , George was third in the line of succession behind his father, Prince Albert Edward , and his own elder brother, Prince Albert Victor. From to , George served in the Royal Navy , until the unexpected death of his elder brother in early put him directly in line for the throne. He became king-emperor on his father's death in George V's reign saw the rise of socialism , communism , fascism , Irish republicanism , and the Indian independence movement , all of which radically changed the political landscape. In , George became the first monarch of the House of Windsor , which he renamed from the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha as a result of anti-German public sentiment.

After returning from exile at the court of Charlemagne in , he regained his kingdom of Wessex. Following his conquest of Mercia in , he controlled all of England south of the Humber. A year before he died aged almost 70, he defeated a combined force of Danes and Cornish at Hingston Down in Cornwall. He is buried at Winchester in Hampshire. In Aethelwulf defeated a Danish army at the battle of Oakley while his eldest son Althelstan fought and beat the Danes at sea off the coast of Kent , in what is believed to be the first naval battle. A highly religious man, Athelwulf travelled to Rome with his son Alfred to see the Pope in

As a second son of the heir apparent Prince George has destined for a career in the Royal Navy and in he and his elder brother Prince Albert Victor became cadets. In January the Prince's naval career was brought to an abrupt close by the sudden death of Prince Albert Victor, so putting him in the direct line of succession. The couple were married on 6 July at the Chapel Royal, St James's Palace, and spent their honeymoon at York Cottage, Sandringham, which was to be their residence for the next thirty-three years. He continued with his Royal Tours, visiting Berlin in Austria in , and India and Burma in


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