Why did living single show end

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why did living single show end

Living Single by Holly Chamberlin

This was full of bumbles and love. Although it wasnt exactly what I was expecting, I enjoyed it.

When I read the premise, I wasnt expecting Erin to end up spending a lot of the book with a married man. This was hard for me to really get into since it made me feel uncomfortable, and I couldnt buy into the love between them as to really buy into it, Id have needed his involvement in this book.

Other than that, however, this was a really strong book.

I loved the characterization in particular. From her four best friends to her parents, I really felt like I knew everyone and seeing how her friends especially changed throughout the year was fun. Some of them were homosexual, some of them tried online dating, some had crazy adventures across the world, and all were a lot of fun.

Additionally, the Boston setting was great, though it felt like every month in Boston had some detriment to it. I enjoyed the use of real places and names as these really brought life to the book.

Despite all its merits, however, her dating a married man really just made me very uncomfortable, and though Id definitely read more by this author and I thought this was well written, I didnt enjoy it as much I might have had the premise been a little different.
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Where Have You Been? ericacassellaphotography.com aka "Kyle" from Living Single

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Since leaving the air 20 years ago today, Jan. Its legacy alone has dismissed critics i. Cooper, she created the concept for Living Single. It feels great. There was no longer a platform for strong black female voices. That was my impetus for creating the show. Inspired by the chronicles of her personal life, the show focused on six black somethings living in a Brooklyn, N.

Erika Alexander has one of those signature laughs. At one point a cultural force—the highest-rated television show among black audiences—the series has had a recent resurgence via streaming on Hulu , where its stories have aged gracefully. Alexander has since reappeared on shows like Queen Sugar and Bosch , and memorably, a bit role in Get Out. She also makes a living as a writer. In an interview earlier this week, she and I talked about her foray into comics. She also got passionate about her work as a surrogate for Hillary Clinton, being non-religious, and Brooklyn gentrification. Our lightly edited conversation below.

Insert a moment of silence for Eddie Torres here. While I hold all these shows near and dear, you notice things about them upon viewing them as an adult. Those two seasons were like the television equivalent of all of the s black romantic comedies that I loved. And then there were the next two seasons, which were fine but not as strong as the first two. Having said that, while many of us have been talking about the best of Living Single , little has been said about the final season.

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T he success of Living Single may have been unanticipated, but it was no accident., Lipstick Alley.

Living Single is an American television sitcom that aired for five seasons on the Fox network from August 22, to January 1, The show centered on the lives of six friends who share personal and professional experiences while living in a Brooklyn brownstone. Throughout its run, Living Single became one of the most popular African-American sitcoms of its era, ranking among the top five in African-American ratings in all five seasons. The original title for the show was "My Girls". Living Single centered on six people consisting of four women and two men living the single life in the heart of Brooklyn , New York.



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