Letting go of control issues

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letting go of control issues

Losing Control, Finding Serenity by Daniel A. Miller

ForeWord Reviews 2011 Book of the Year Award Finalist in self-help category.

What Would Your Life Be Like If You Simply Let Go of Control?

Do you criticize your spouse, nag your children, or hover over coworkers in an attempt to control them or prevent them from making mistakes? What if you let events unfold without resisting? Accepted people for who they are instead of trying to change them? Stopped pressuring your coworkers? Stopped telling your family whats best for them?

When you let go of control, your blinders come off and you can engage in lifes currents in an intuitive manner. The rewards are unexpected and often exciting. Conflicts diminish. Family bonds strengthen. Intimate relations become more intimate. Creative horizons expand. Work becomes more rewarding.

Losing Control, Finding Serenity provides practical strategies and decontrol tools to help you

- Reduce the control triggers of fear, anger, and resentment

- Make work less stressful and more profitable

- Find lasting love and intimacy

- Reduce the struggle with your children

- Overcome procrastination and achieve your creative potential

When you begin to accept life as it is, you will learn that losing control brings contentment to you -and those around you.

Find out how losing control really means gaining control.

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7 Things You Gain When You Let Go of Control

Show less Being controlling often stems from a simple desire to feel secure and happy with how things are going. Unfortunately, trying to take too much control ends up having the opposite effect, especially when it comes to relationships. To let go of control in a relationship, start by learning to live in the moment instead of worrying about the outcome of a situation. When it comes to conflicts, try to have more faith in your partner and allow things to unfold rather than controlling every aspect of a situation. To let go of control in a relationship, work on building trust with your partner, and try to remember that, no matter how hard you try, you can't control everything.

Krystal Baugher. I have been Type A for as long as I can remember. My trusty planner has been regularly at my side. My closet has been cut and color-coded. I get things done early so as not to worry about getting them done later. I thrive on efficiency and schedules, so when it comes to relationships I often have control issues.

When you try to control too much, you enjoy too little.
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Letting go of control issues can become so overwhelming and stressful that many of us find it debilitating, and when we are deep in it there are many times where we feel shame, anxiety, worry and depression over what feels like an uncontrollable need to control. Here is how I really took an honest look at my challenges with control issues and the tools that have worked for me in my own healing. My Soul to My Personality multiple times a week if not several times daily. Being a Virgo with 5 planets in Virgo it is no surprise when I tell you that I am a recovering control addict, perhaps you are too, or are hoping you can state this about yourself soon. If you are, well done! At least you are honest enough with yourself to see this as something holding you back from living your life in full joy.


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