Margaret campbell duchess of argyll

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margaret campbell duchess of argyll

Forget Not: The Autobiography of Margaret, Duchess of Argyll by Margaret Campbell

Somewhat bizarre little biography, ghost-written for the Duchess of Argyll, who was once the toast of the London season in the 1930s. It was quite enjoyable for a glimpse of what the privileged world of the 1930s upper crust was like in London. There is also quite a lot about her second husband and what sounds like over-the-top vengeance over her affairs with other men. He ruined her position in society with an unnecessarily messy and prolonged divorce, full of suits, countersuits, stolen dairies, restraining orders, and a punitive judge who thought women should be held to a higher moral standard than men. When you read elsewhere about Margarets life, there are salacious details, in flagrante photographs, and an odd theory about a 40-foot fall down an elevator shaft causing her to become sexually voracious. She was clearly an unhappy person, for all her wealth, beauty and position, and she ended her days in penury and bitterness.
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[Wikipedia] Ian Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll

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A new book claims Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll, who became a figure of ridicule in the 60s was, in fact, a woman ahead of her time. Adored, accused, abandoned — Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll, is arguably the most derided woman in Scottish history. But a new book has argued that the aristocrat who became a figure of ridicule in the 60s was, in fact, a woman ahead of her time. Author Lyndsy Spence claims the duchess — christened Ethel Margaret Whigham — was the product of an emotionally-abusive mother and the victim of unscrupulous and vicious men. Her childhood was rich and splendid — but empty. Her parents arranged a secret termination.

He was Ian Douglas Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll. . Margaret then managed to fall out with her daughter, the Duchess of Rutland, over, of all.
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She was always a headstrong woman, always used to getting her own way. This character trait, or flaw depending if one were a friend or a foe , was apparent in girlhood. Margaret was the only child of Helen and George Whigham. Her father, a shrewd businessman from Prestwick was a self-made millionaire and chairman of the Celanese Corporation; and her mother — perhaps knowing where to hit Margaret where it would hurt — threatened her with a sibling if she misbehaved. A beautiful child with a nervous stutter, she was petted and spoiled and protected, but it was a misplaced love, and early on the die was cast. Obediently completing her homework — a history project on the Medieval period — she cut illustrations from an old and valuable library book and pasted them into her jotter. The project was submitted and hell broke loose.

Fifty years ago, in , the divorce proceedings of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll had even the judge reeling in horror. David Randall looks back at the life, and loves, of Margaret Campbell. When it comes to the upper classes airing their dirty linen in public, there have been few washdays with quite such a spectacular pile of soiled laundry as the one in February when Lord Justice Wheatley settled down on the bench in Edinburgh and began hearing submissions in the Argyll divorce case. Aristocratic adultery and the occasional unnatural practice had passed the public way before; neither the law nor the press or its readers were strangers to them. But nothing, in fact or publishable fiction, would have prepared them for what they were about to hear: an insatiable woman, unusual sexual practices, blackmail, bribery, a diary listing conquests, odd encounters in bathrooms, artfully composed photographic mementoes of these occasions featuring the so-called "headless man" actually, two men , rumours of the involvement of royalty and a cabinet minister, a list of 88 possible co-respondents, pornographic postcards, and more. Deference was never really the same again. The parties to the decree were the Duke and Duchess of Argyll, a pair who had rank, position, money, a stately home, but no class.

Juli in London war ein prominentes Mitglied der britischen Gesellschaft. Sie selbst wurde in Schottland geboren, wuchs aber die ersten 14 Jahre ihres Lebens in New York auf, wo sie die private Hewitt School besuchte. Als Kind stotterte sie leicht. Ihr erster Liebhaber soll der Schauspieler David Niven gewesen sein. Earl of Warwick.


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    Ethel Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll (nee Whigham; 1 December – 25 July ) was a British socialite, best remembered for a celebrated divorce.

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