Is storm an omega level mutant

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is storm an omega level mutant

Storm #1 by Greg Pak

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Im a huge X-Men fan and I was pretty hyped to read the latest solo spinoff. If Im not mistaken, this is Storms first headlining series.

As with any iconic character, such as Storm, you can either expand the character and add symbolic levels to her or completely screw it up. Its really important to keep a balance of entertaining and pleasing new fans who maybe have only seen the movies and long time comic readers. Storm #1 does an amazing job at keeping this balance.

X-Men has always been a vehicle for metaphors and symbols for our societys injustices and showing Storm, whos a black character without making it a big deal that shes the main character who so happens to be black is refreshing. The story effortlessly balances between politics and personal relationships without being jarring or trying too hard.

This first issue is beautifully drawn and written and I was left supremely impressed by the time I finished reading it. Its engaging and does a great job at balancing to entertain its audience of new readers and old fans.

Storm #1 can be found here and at your local comic book store.

Have you read the first issue of Storm? Thoughts?

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X-Men House of X Part 1: New Omega Level Mutants - Comics Explained

Confirmed: Storm is an Omega Level Mutant

By any measure, Storm is one of the X-Men's most powerful members. Where some of her teammates only have wings or sharp, occasionally hot claws, Ororo Munroe has comprehensive control over weather and all other types of atmospheric phenomena. While some heroes might have powers that rely on vaguely-defined forms of energy, it's easy to understand Storm's elemental powers on a visceral level. Despite Storm's truly awesome abilities, it's never been clear whether she's actually an Omega-Level mutant, one of the most potentially strong mutants in the Marvel Universe. While that term and classification has been used inconsistently over the years, Storm has been called an Omega-Level mutant, a potential Omega-Level mutant and a slightly weaker Alpha-Level mutant in various stories and interviews. After he started trying to reshape the world with his unparalleled telepathic, telekinetic and reality-warping abilities, he possessed Legion, Professor X's ultra-powerful Omega-Level son, to make himself one of the strongest villains in the history of the Marvel Universe.

Despite Storm's truly awesome abilities, it's never been clear whether she's actually an Omega-Level mutant, one of the most potentially strong.
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Writer Jonathan Hickman has a plan for mutants. It is about bringing the mutants to the forefront of the Marvel Comics Universe. Basically, such a mutant is deemed incredibly powerful because of limitless power.

Not that this is a surprise but we were told for so long Storm is not an Omega level mutant. Well baby that time of uncertainty and debate ends today. Not only is Ororo a goddess but she is also an omega level mutant making her one of the most powerful mutants ever! Eat your heart out to all of those who said she wasnt. While I'm glad that Storm is finally a bonafide omega she should've been from day one , I totally disagree with this list. I posted my objections to several of these other characters in the "Storm Discussion" thread.


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