Write paragraph about your friend

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write paragraph about your friend

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Published 26.11.2018

How to Write a Paragraph about My Best Friend in English - Composition Writing - Reading Skills

My Best Friend Essay

You share a very close and special bond with your best friend. Your best friend is the person with whom you can share so much about what is happening in your life. When you are happy it is your best friend with whom you want to share your happiness. And when there is sorrow or trouble you are facing it is your best friend who comes forward to help you. Likewise, when your best friend is suffering any trouble you will go to any extent to help your friend and make her or him happy and comfortable. The love you share with your best friend is unconditional. Your best friend is one person you will never let down.

A Best Friend is a Blessing. We Hope these will help the Students in their Studies. Make sure to check other Amazing Essays in Essay Section.
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It is said a friend in need is a friend indeed. An ideal friend possesses all the qualities of head and heart., A friend means so much to us. And we enjoy being with our friends.

As a rule, people think that parents are the only people who have an unquestionable influence on us. It is difficult to argue that they are the most relative people in the whole world. However, their influence stops at the place where the influence of the society begins. Here comes the moment for a child to communicate with other children, this is exactly the time when parents tend to take the second place…. Friends are those people who enter our lives to fill it with the social meaning! Do you really think that it is you who influence your choice of friends?


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