Facebook makes me feel bad about myself

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facebook makes me feel bad about myself

Quote by Shadi Kamal Kandil: “Sometimes I feel proud of myself, not because o...”

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Published 25.11.2018

Facebook CAUSES Depression/Anxiety/Low Self-Esteem

I deleted my social media apps because they were turning me into an idiot

In January I deleted all the social media apps from my phone because they were turning me into an idiot. Dive into Instagram. Tax bill prickling at the back of my mind? Open Facebook. Disappear into the realm of likes and follows and push the feelings away. Whether it was the Pavlovian thrill of the little red circles of like notifications, or a genuine need to connect with others, there was something that kept me — along with 1. With social apps so accessible on my smartphone, this had turned into compulsive checking.

I used to think social media made me feel bad about myself. It was unfair, I moaned with my friends. Instagram was torturing us by shoving professional yoga teachers and swimsuit models into our faces. These images can take a real psychic toll. Instagram is aware of the issue. In fact, on its privacy page, Instagram includes an information tab about eating disorders.

Social Media Makes Me Feel Bad About Myself. Reading Facebook and Twitter streams can destroy my self-esteem. Posted Sep 26, SHARE · TWEET.
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I used to love Instagram because it gave me a sneak peek into the lives of the rich and the famous. I liked peering into lives that were so different from mine, feeling like I was right there with these celebrities as they boarded a private jet or walked the red carpet. These people live lavish lives, full of Ferraris and perfect hair extensions. But while I enjoyed this access, I realized that looking at these pictures also made me feel bad about myself. On a random Tuesday morning, as I ate toast over my laptop in bed and tried not to get crumbs stuck in my keyboard, I'd see Kylie Jenner on a yacht in the Mediterranean.

Can checking Facebook make you unhappy? Before i can answer that question i need to first give you a brief idea about the way your mind interacts with social networking sites. Most people check Facebook to see the new notifications and updates they got. According to motivation psychology one of the most powerful motivational sources is variable rewards where you can't really expect what you are going to find. Because most people can't really guess the types of updates they will find and because they can never know what they might find the next time they check their Facebook they get strongly motivated to check it every now and then.


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    How do you overcome social media jealousy?

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    How did your life change after leaving Social Media?

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