How to write a story about the water cycle

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how to write a story about the water cycle

The Snowflake: A Water Cycle Story by Neil Waldman

On the inside back cover of the book it says that, in addition to illustrating/writing many books, this author-illustrator has illustrated postage stamps for thirteen nations. I can see why and I thought that tidbit was fascinating.

The paintings here, one for each month of the year, follow a snowflake throughout the calendar year.

This book makes teaching the water cycle (freezing, melting, evaporating, condensing, and definitely traveling) beautiful and engaging, as well as informative.

I love the way the end encourages children to use their imaginations about where their water might have been.

The presentation is good, though it’s the paintings that really held my attention. I found them beautiful.

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Water Cycle Song

Labelling the water cycle activity sheet (enlarged copy for class); The story of the water cycle activity sheet (1 copy per student); Writing paper; Scissors; Glue.
Neil Waldman

The Fundamentals of the Water Cycle

Below are the best picture books on the water cycle for kids. This is a fun subject to the teach. Kids love learning those big, big words! However, the fact that children cannot SEE much of the water cycle means many kids struggle to understand it. This is where picture books can help!

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A misty cloud rises over Deer Streams National Park. The water cycle contains more steps than just rain and evaporation, fog and mist are other ways for water to be returned to the ground. Water is one of the key ingredients to life on Earth. About 75 percent of our planet is covered by water or ice. The water cycle is the endless process that connects all of that water. The oceans hold about 97 percent of the water on Earth. About 1.

Now that you know what the water cycle really is, your challenge is to tell your water cycle story in words and pictures. Nature is a wondrous and beautiful thing. We have all seen striking scenes of nature in action: driving rain, falling snow, a full-flowing stream, beautiful designs in frost.
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Water Cycle

The Water Cycle - The Dr. Binocs Show - Learn Videos For Kids

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I think it is safe to post this now. My shot at writing a short story for kids. Mind you, this is educational. In the fluffy white clouds, up in the atmosphere, there once was a water molecule named Drip-drop. Drip-drop has been with other molecules for as long as he could remember. They are happily contented with just lying on their backs, soaking up the warm sunlight.


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