Bible verses about victim mentality

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bible verses about victim mentality

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Published 23.11.2018

Forgiveness Scriptures (Forgiveness Bible verses for sleep with music)

In chapter 5 of the book of John, Jesus found a man by a pool, where he and many others lay sick and diseased in various ways.

Are you a victim of a victim mentality?

Although you might not see it, there is a third option in-between being consumed by depression and acting like nothing happened at all. In fact, He knows everything about you. He knows your heart and how much you want to have hope. He has loved you even before He made you. The greatest part is that He is closer than a heartbeat away. Sometimes, love comes in the form of a blessing. Other times, love is a lesson.

When our needs for love, security, worth, or significance are not met, we attempt to meet these needs through depending on ourselves, relying on others, trying to control others, or using substances or things to make us happy. Today, in the recovery movement, this is called codependency. This term was originally coined to refer to a person married to an addict who was somehow dependent on the addict continuing to drink or use drugs. However, this excessively dependent or independent pattern is now recognized to be much more widespread in our society and has been identified as the underlying cause of numerous other problems. Probably everyone in our society has a number of codependent characteristics, but for at least one-fourth or more of our population, these characteristics have become a predominant pattern of coping that result in dysfunctional relationships. In the United States and much of Europe, we teach codependent principles from the cradle up with nursery stories like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, our romantic and Country Western music, and our movies. After discussing codependency, one pastor who primarily works with lower income families stated, "That's everyone in my congregation.

You can overcome victim mentality by learning how to identify the traits that show you need your Numerous scriptures challenge us to look into our thinking.
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Empowering You to Live Healed and Free

Are you a victim of your circumstances or your thinking? A few years ago at a seminar for emotional healing, a group of us were in the hallway waiting for the next session to start. We were all proud that we had survived our traumatic experiences over the years. We walked into the session unprepared for what was next. As the speaker explained the new principle we were learning, we looked at one another. A person with such a mentality, expects bad things will happen.

There must be something attractive about developing a victim mentality, or else there would be less of it in our world today. It is such a pervasive malady in our society that we would do well to investigate whether we too have ingested the poison even to the point of souring our relationship with both God and man. There seem to be three distinctions which grow increasingly powerful over a person. A victim is anyone who has experienced a loss, injury, or misfortune as a result of an event. Next, what makes nurturing a victim mentality so attractive? All men are victims in one way or another, but that fact does not give any of us permission to nurse a victim mentality, nor install a victim complex. The victim feels he is not responsible for anything.


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