Facts about leah from the bible

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facts about leah from the bible

Water from the Well: Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, and Leah by Anne Roiphe

Water from the Well is a journey four thousand years back to the time of Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, and Leah. These biblical matriarchs and their fascinating stories come alive in the hands of renowned author Anne Roiphe, whose graceful prose captures the biblical landscape and makes it take flight.

As each story unfolds, we find that the matriarchs had to overcome the same devastating obstacles women face today, such as infertility, lust, abandonment, and uncertainty. Roiphe demonstrates how the lives of Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, and Leah helped to lay the foundation of womanhood in the Western world. Though these women lived many years ago, their lives bear a striking resemblance to our own. They suffered the same pressures and pitfalls, enjoyed the same pleasures and activities, and shared the same responsibilities as todays wives, mothers, and daughters. What is more, they managed to cope with betrayal, death, sacrifice, and jealousy while dealing with the emerging reality of a new faith period.

Little of the drama in the Bible is seen from a womans perspective. Would Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, and Leah share the same point of view as contemporary women? With life having changed so drastically from the days of the Bible, what can we really know about the women who appear in one of our most sacred text? In Water from the Well these questions and many others are addressed in a most enriching fashion, allowing us to discover that women played larger roles in biblical history than many care to acknowledge.

Roiphe opens a window onto the distant past and presents it, through the tales of four remarkable women, to the modern reader with relevant observations and allegories. Combining the deep insight of Bruce Feiler with the narrative skill of Antonia Fraser, Roiphe delivers a fascinating work that deftly brings these four biblical matriarchs into our own age.
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The Lost Matriarch: Finding Leah in the Bible and Midrash

Bible Women: Leah, sister of Rachel

Information about Rachel is found in Genesis chapters The only physical description of her is that she had "weak eyes" Genesis Jacob married Leah because of a trick of Laban. Jacob ran to Haran to escape from his brother Esau. He reached a deal with Laban that he would work for Laban seven years to marry Rachel. Jacob worked seven years and, at the end of that time, Laban made a feast at which he was to give his daughter to Jacob.

Home F. Jacob did not love Leah. Not only was she a woman he was unwilling to work seven years to have the honor of calling his wife, he set the worth of Leah himself by being the one to suggest to her father, Laban, that he work instead to wed her younger sister, Rachel! In ancient cultures, it was proper for a man to take as his bride the oldest daughter a family had to offer. If that is not a display of his self-centered desire, what is? Jacob saw Rachel for the first time, and he was struck by her at that first sighting, as Genesis records:. And it was, that when Yaaqov saw Rakheyl, daughter of Lavan, brother of his mother, and the sheep of Lavan, brother of his mother, that Yaaqov approached, and rolled the stone from above the mouth of the well, and [gave to] drink the sheep of Lavan, brother of his mother.

Leah is described in the Hebrew Bible as the daughter of Laban. She and her younger sister Rachel became the two concurrent wives of Hebrew patriarch.
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Jacob is smitten by Leah’s sister

Leah [a] is described in the Hebrew Bible as the daughter of Laban. She and her younger sister Rachel became the two concurrent wives of Hebrew patriarch Jacob. She had six sons, whose descendants became some of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. She also had a daughter, Dinah. The commentary of Rashi cites a Rabbinic interpretation of how Leah's eyes became weak.

She was also the sister of Rachel and the wife of Jacob. The name Leah means weary. Leah was not noted for her beauty as her sister Rachel was, but for her weak, or delicate, eyes. She can be found in the Bible Timeline between BC. Unique Circular Format — see more in less space. Limited Time Offer! Find out more now!


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