Poems about being a teenage mother

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poems about being a teenage mother

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Published 19.11.2018

Teen's poem about sexual assault is a powerful one

Teenage Mothers - Poem by Shelley Williams

Ill-Gotten Birth child tummy swells runaway dad ill-gotten birth on the tiles Teen pregnancy again an enlarging rescue. Often young adolescent girls with older young men conceive. Untaught, inexperienced, unsupported bride with no wedding. Young men vanish, but a few do stay and have a rough time as family. Homelessness erupts; children discarded on the streets especially boys. Drugs invade and are injected.

People say when you get pregnant at a young age. You won't amount to anything that you won't finish school. If the humors are true and everyone seems to assume. Then why am I still in school, why am I in honors classes. Making better grades then the average. You tell me I cant be who I want to be.

Young Teenage Mother

More often than not, teen parents face criticism from everyone around them. They are viewed with a jaundiced eye and considered too irresponsible and too young to raise a child. Teen moms, especially, have to go through an emotional struggle. What will their parents say? How will they graduate school? Should they abort the child?

The night was one of beauty and she knew it would be great. The thoughts of fun and laughter and most of all her date. Her appearance was amazing when she opened the front door. A beautiful dress of blue and white and the pretty jewelry she wore. She was an attention getter and with kindness she was known. Perfection was expected with the make-up and good looks. She went beyond her limits after reading romance books.


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    Teen Pregnancy Poems - Poems about Teen Pregnancy. Poems by Teens about pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a trying as well as wonderful time especially as.

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    Shelley Williams

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    Poems can make young teen mothers realize that having a child does not mean the end of the world. It just offers an entirely different future.

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