What do mediums say about the afterlife

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what do mediums say about the afterlife

Life on the Other Side: A Psychics Tour of the Afterlife by Sylvia Browne

Read this book if you are interested in physical life and the afterlife. It is riveting, inspiring, enlightening, hopeful, and warm! If asked how to glean information besides from religions, that is easy: everywhere else! Spiritual experiences are my favourite sources. Prayers of mine have been answered recently. I knew a child who saw an angel, after her friend uttered a protection prayer. If you wonder if beliefs are too obscure to verify: read this book.

Sylvia Browne was a child who saw things many of us don’t. She was urged to respect religions, despite teachers being irate about questions she asked. She taught at a Catholic school, before marrying. Psychic readings and helping the police suddenly took off. As my young friend saw for herself: we all have spirit guides and guardian angels, two separate entities we learn in detail about. What paved the way for astounding information about our physical and spiritual journeys, is that Sylvia could hear her guide. It allowed a lifetime of questions and answers; shared in books like “Life On The Other Side”, 1999. Our hostess is humorously autobiographical.

I don’t share Sylvia’s disfavour of Earth. I love my life and savour all awareness I can achieve; learning what is around me, past what I see so far. Sylvia’s Granddaughter contributed jaw-dropping details, keenly remembering astral travels. Sylvia rising at night and beholding Angelica’s guardian angel is my favourite story: a Holy sight, indeed!

I read portions to Mom this June, who survived pneumonia in intensive-care. We were comforted by a chapter about how Heavenly loved-ones know we are surviving an ordeal, versus when to greet us. Clearly, Mom’s “pilot light did not blink”. I told her my open mind comes from her and how much I value having her, to share these conversations.
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Can Psychics Really Talk to the Dead?

Psychic Medium Mollie Morning Star answers dozens of the most frequently asked questions about individual sessions, spirit communication, and live event information. Professional, experienced, accurate psychic medium readings located near Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Sylvia Browne

What Happens When We Die? An Interview with Celtic Medium Karen Frances

A reading with a truly gifted medium see our guide, here can change your life—and specifically the trajectory of grief. While it will never obviate the pain of losing a loved one, or take away the sadness of not having their physical presence around, a medium, by bringing through highly evidential and specific information that nobody else could possibly know, can re-establish a connection, and offer a certain level of evidence that the soul survives death. This suggests that not only can we continue to communicate with loved ones on the other side, but that we will be met, on the other side of death, with people who can help us transition. In short, we had to meet her and experience her gifts first-hand. We met with Jackson this summer, and as part of our visit, had her do a fully blind reading on tape of our CFO, Erica. Jackson did not know who she would be reading until they sat down in front of the camera and we started rolling.

Susan Grau stumbled into mediumship young. After a near-death experience when she was four, Grau woke up to visitors—from the other side. Trauma and mediumship sometimes seem to go hand in hand, and her strange new ability would prove the easy part of life. Like the rest of us nonclairvoyants, mediums grapple with grief and the physical separation of a loved one through death. This work has changed her understanding of mediumship. Grau sees emotional mediums, like herself, as an integral part of the evolving future of grief.

The world-renowned psychic and star of hit TV show Psychic Sally opens up about her unusual talent for channeling the dead and the difficulties she's faced because of her gift. Sally Morgan, who has worked with celebrities and royals including Princess Diana, was just a few years old when she saw her first ghost. In fact, the year-old's first memory of her psychic abilities goes all the way back to play school when she was punished for talking to her playmate's dead grandfather. At just 4-years-old Sally recalls seeing the little girl's dead granddad standing across from her as she drunk her milk. I remember screaming and sobbing for hours.

Since I can remember, I could speak to the dead.
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2. Everyone is intuitive.

What Do Spirits Do In The Afterlife? I Psychic Medium Carolyn Molnar

As Frances neared adulthood, the supernatural visits stopped. The Dublin native became a political journalist. Her devotion to hard facts led her to embrace atheism. During her grieving period, metaphysical incidents convinced the writer she had the ability, once again, to communicate beyond the grave. Now accredited in healing mediumship by the Spiritualist National Union , the governing body of London's world-renowned Arthur Findlay College, Frances is an author and inspirational speaker.

Established in and located in Lily Dale, a small hamlet of people in southwest New York, the Assembly is the epicenter for the study, practice, and advancement of the religion, science, and philosophy of Spiritualism in America. Vanderzyden, 52, has a youthful face, with a broad smile and angel-blonde bangs hanging over her eyes like a little canopy. Her demeanor is comforting, a necessary quality for a professional medium, especially when the main objective of her practice and profession is to pass along messages from deceased persons to fellow congregation members during a Spiritualist Sunday church service, or during one-on-one sessions with clients. The Fox sisters, who claimed that they were able to converse with the dead via tapping noises that only they were able to decode, began to travel from state to state, launching a movement of spirit communication that spread like wildfire across the nation. By , the population of Spiritualists in the United States and parts of Europe was over five million. But in , year-old Margaret, living in abject poverty and suffering from substance-abuse issues, confessed to the New York World that the tapping noises were fake.



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