Facts about helen keller as a child

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facts about helen keller as a child

Helen Keller: A Life by Dorothy Herrmann

Dorothy Herrmanns powerful biography of Helen Keller tells the whole story of the controversial and turbulent relationship between Helen and her teacher, Annie Sullivan. Herrmann also chronicles Helens doomed love affair, her struggles to earn a living, her triumphs at Radcliffe College, and her work as an advocate for the disabled. Helen Keller has been venerated as a saint or damned as a fraud, but Herrmann shows her to have been a beautiful, intelligent, high-strung, and passionate woman whose life was transformed not only by her disabilities but also by the remarkable people on whose help and friendship she relied.

Fascinating. . . . Stripping away decades of well-meaning sentimentality, Herrmann presents a pair of strong-willed women, who struggled to build their own lives while never forgetting their dependence on each other.—Ron Charles, Christian Science Monitor

We meet an entirely unexpected Helen Keller—a woman with deep if concealed ambivalence toward her self-sacrificing teacher; a political radical; and a woman longing for romantic love and the fulfilled sexual life of a woman.—Joan Mellen, Philadelphia Inquirer

Herrmanns portrait of Keller is both fully embodied and unflinchingly candid.—Mary Loeffelholz, Boston Sunday Globe

This well-proportioned biography of the deaf and blind girl who became a great American crusader rescues its subject from the shackles of sainthood without destroying her as an American hero.—Dennis Drabelle, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Herrmanns engrossing biography helps us see beyond the publics fascination with how Keller dealt with her disabilities to discover the woman Keller strived to be.—Nancy Seidman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Perhaps the most intimate biography [of Helen Keller]. [Herrmann] gives her back her sexuality [and] imbues her with a true humanity. . . . Helen Keller: A Life has some of the texture and the dramatic arc of a good novel.—Dinitia Smith, New York Times

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Interesting Helen Keller Facts

Helen Keller Biography

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Helen Keller was an American writer and speaker., There are few historical figures as inspirational as Helen Keller.

We've dug a little deeper on Helen Keller's story to share with you some lesser known facts about this remarkable woman. You would all know the story of Helen Keller, the well known writer, political activist and pioneer for people with disability. These days her illness probably would have been labelled Scarlet Fever or Meningitis — both which could now be treated, but back then they often had severe consequences. When Helen was a a young child, her behaviour had become highly erratic. She was having daily outbursts of emotion; kicking and screaming when she felt angry, and giggling uncontrollably when she was happy. Many of her relatives even thought she be put in an institution. Only 14 years older than Helen, Anne was also visually impaired and just recently graduated from school.


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