Inspirational stories about dreams coming true

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inspirational stories about dreams coming true

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Published 22.11.2018

REMEMBER YOUR DREAM - Motivational Video

Think Simple Now a moment of clarity

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. Do you have a dream? Is there something inside you that won't let you rest? Is there something you have always wanted to do since you were a child?

Today, I attend my first lectures at Oxford. Get motivated; from painting the streets in Brazil for the World Cup in to playing on the Brazilian team in the Russian World Cup. Facebook turned me down. It was a great opportunity to connect with some fantastic people. Looking forward to life's next adventure. My goal was to graduate before I reached years of age.

Looking up at the clear blue sky above, it could see a world of freedom. Snow white wings spread open, the young bird got ready to fly. But with a sudden pang of unhappiness, staring at the shackles that bound its feet to the ground, the bird realized it was deprived of the happiness it so longed for. Freedom, perhaps would always be only, "just a dream". The one thing in this world that no amount of money can buy is happiness and freedom.

Once Upon A Time...

When I was young, my household consisted of my mother, my grandmother, and my uncle. I had no contact with my father. My mother took a passive role in my upbringing causing my grandmother to raise me primarily.

My name is Anubhav Srivastava. I am an author, speaker and a director of an inspirational movie called Carve Your Destiny. This movie took 6 years in the making but I decided to release it for free. The movie has since garnered over One Million Views on Youtube and gotten almost unanimous praise from viewers. It ranks among the top positions for the keywords Inspirational Movie and Inspirational Documentary.

Around the time I graduated University I became fascinatedwith photography. It became my first passion. I dreamed of becoming a professional photographer. I loved photography, and dove in head first determined to make my dreams come true. I read books, took countless images, invested in equipments, spent countless hours in Photoshop, attended gallery showings, and took classes on specialized subjects.

Any great goal cannot be achieved without patience and persistence. If we truly want something, we need to do tough thing instead of fun thing and probably we will have to delay the gratification. Here we present you a collection of inspiring stories about reaching goals and dreams. It must be not destined for me to play football and my dream will never come true. The father looked at his son with loving eyes and said: You know son, every person in life has a dream, a goal of his life. We have to fight for what we believe in, what we feel. In other case, you will simply brake.


  1. Fortunata B. says:

    Good thoughts about love and life steps to becoming a public speaker

  2. Sam S. says:

    DREAMS DO COME TRUE. As a child, my parents, by their example, instilled in me a love for reading. I dreamed of being a writer but the pursuit of dreams was.

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