Why you re wrong about the right

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why you re wrong about the right

Why Youre Wrong About the Right: Behind the Myths: The Surprising Truth About Conservatives by S.E. Cupp

And on your right, ladies and gentlemen, please observe The Conservative (Conservitus Americanus). This fascinating species in-habits vast territories across middle America, but rarely reveals itself in coastal urban areas. It is commonly believed to be uptight, humorless, and devoid of compassion, and is often characterized as racist, homophobic, and highly eco-unfriendly. Primary behaviors include unnecessary warmongering, tax cutting, and gun collecting. For decades, conservatives have proven to be hopelessly un-hip, and their mating habits dull. They are highly feared and often despised, for so few know and understand their true nature.

Get ready to meet the conservative next door or in the office down the hall, the person you never thought in a million years was one of them. Lively, witty, and thought-provoking, Why Youre Wrong About the Right blows the lid off the stereotypes that have long been associated with the American Right, and reveals the face of todays conservatives: an intellectually and philosophically diverse new breed of young, outgoing, smart, friendly professionals who live and work among liberals everywhere!

Themselves closet conservatives in Leftoid Land (aka Manhattan), S. E. Cupp and Brett Joshpe inject their own unique and colorful points of view into an honest dialogue on conservative ideas in American life and popular culture, and draw from interviews with a roster of renowned writers and political personalities, including Tony Stewart, Tucker Carlson, Brian C. Anderson, Laura Ingraham, Pat Toomey, David Horowitz, Ted Hayes, and many more.

Undercover conservatives, reveal your true colors with pride! Liberals, hug a conservative today! And whichever side you find yourself on, youll be engaged, surprised, and happily re-educated when you discover Why Youre Wrong About the Right.
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Why We're WRONG About Sylvanas

Your new president is being sworn into office.
S.E. Cupp

This is why some people can’t admit they’re wrong

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Biden is dead on arrival! The Democratic presidential campaign already has the feel of a stock market, with TV pundits and internet prediction experts monitoring the minute-by-minute movements on the big board. It provides gainful employment for hundreds, if not thousands, of campaign workers, journalists, pollsters and hotel, restaurant and car-rental employees. The history is varied enough to worry every one of the top-tier candidates, and provide comfort to most, or even all, of the rest. Even John Delaney. Here are a few lessons for the field.

Why You’re Wrong and I’m Right

These are the people who never back down, standing firm on their beliefs, regardless of the arguments against them. Even if you bring valid evidence that proves them wrong, they remain unshakable. Julia Galef spent years studying this exact kind of certainty. She compares us to soldiers, having motivations to survive, protecting ourselves and our side, pursuing to defeat the enemy. To Julia, both of these roles are representations of different types of mindsets we could have. To help us understand this, she shares a historical story. In , the French army sent an innocent man to prison for life.

November 20, pm Updated November 20, pm. But why do they do it? Tim Sharp, chief happiness officer at The Happiness Institute, to explain:. For some, appearing apologetic is congruent to appearing weak, but Sharp says they could not be more wrong, because a good leader admits their mistakes. Citing the upsurge of alt-right political movements around the world, Sharp says how someone approaches a situation will often reveal whether facts or feelings will influence them more.


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    There's a scientific reason why people can never admit they're wrong

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