Imam shafi poem about knowledge

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imam shafi poem about knowledge

Imam Al-Shafii in Quest of Knowledge by Islahee Muhammad Yousuf

In Quest of Knowledge is the story of Imam Muhammad ibn Idris al-Shafi‘i’s search for knowledge. The story revolves round a son whose sole mission in life is to acquire knowledge, a teacher who lovingly accepts him, and a widow who not only bears with the separation of her only son but also shares his passion for knowledge. Their innate nobility, their ability to suffer for a common cause, their intense love for the Prophet (s) and their infinite trust in Allah give them the dimensions of epic heroes.

The invaluable lesson which Imam al-Shafi‘i’s story teaches, although it may not have been his main objective, is that Allah befriends and watches over anyone who endeavours to acquire religious knowledge with the intention of disseminating it.
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Diwan al-Imam al-Shafi [ARABIC] #3 ????? ?????? ??????? ?????


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But how many of us actually know much about his struggle for knowledge and learning? How many of us know his full name? He moved to Makkah at the age of two, and there he started his quest for sacred knowledge. Indeed, true knowledge is what is inscribed in the heart and can be benefitted from at the time of need. He went to one of the chiefs of Makkah and asked him to give him a letter which would allow him entry into Madinah, and would request Imam Malik to take the young boy as his student. Such was the noble character of Imam Malik that it demanded the utmost respect and honour.

An insight into the life of a travelling student

He was born in Gaza, Palestine and died in Egypt. - He was the most prominent student of Imam Malik ibn Anas and he also served as the Governor of Najar.

December 16, by Abdul-Malik Merchant 1 Comment. This is a poem that hangs in the window of one of the bookstores here in Makkah. I noticed it one day while walking by with Abu Fouzaan and took a picture. Filed under Creed , Student Notes. About Abdul-Malik Merchant Muslim. UQU grad. Boston resident.

One of the blessings of living in Cairo, a place where history seems to have left its mark everywhere one looks, is that it is home to many of the graves of notable righteous people, distinguished worshipers and scholars of Islamic history. It is an entirely different experience to read or hear about a person of the past and their incredible knowledge or devotion, and to stand at the foot of their grave. The first is cerebral; the second, a visceral, personal experience that forges a connection that is difficult to express. In some ways it bring life to a tradition that may seem static, and make real and tangible what seems abstract and elusive. It is also sobering to consider what great heights such people reached and how far we may have left to climb. This momentary, seemingly negligible glance had its effect on his mind and heart, which led him to seek guidance from his teacher and resulted in these lines of poetry and profound wisdom. Such a story seems almost incredulous in our times, when our senses are overwhelmed by a seemingly never-ending array of spiritually harmful things, often indulged in consciously.


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