How to learn about classical music

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how to learn about classical music

Classical Music 101: A Complete Guide to Learning and Loving Classical Music by Fred Plotkin

The author who has taught tens of thousands of people to love opera now introduces readers to the rich and soul-stirring world of classical music.

For anyone who is aching to discover classical music, this comprehensive and accessible book is the ideal teacher. Writing in the clear and highly entertaining prose that made Opera 101 the standard text in its field, Fred Plotkin--music expert, teacher, lecturer, and famous author--presents classical music in a way that respects both the reader and the art form. In Classical Music 101:

The reader will discover how to become an expert listener, which is essential for learning to love classical music.
A thousand years of music are explored, with emphasis on great works in all styles. Significant composers will be profiled in depth, including Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, and many more.
Important musicians, such as pianist Emanuel Ax, singer Marilyn Horne, and conductor James Levine, speak about their art in interviews.
Classical Music 101, the newest addition to a highly successful series intended for readers who dont consider themselves dummies or idiots, will help the person drawn to the finer things in life (and readers who dont know how to approach them) discover the glories of music.
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Mozart for Babies brain development -Classical Music for Babies-Lullabies for Babies

So, you want to explore classical music? And if you learn why Mozart's Requiem or Beethoven's Fifth means so much to one person, you may.
Fred Plotkin

How you can get into classical music: a beginner's guide

Do you want to find out more about Mozart, try out some Tchaikovsky or sample of Stravinsky? Here's our classical music guide to the pieces we think are the perfect place to start. Classical music is a very broad term that includes almost everything written over the past 1, years… so where to start? Well here are some of our favourite pieces that, we think, provide the perfect introduction to the wonderful, rich, varied world of classical music. But this one is by far the most famous.

Using a simple and enjoyable teaching style, this course introduces the novice listener to the wonders of classical music, from Bach fugues to Mozart symphonies to Puccini operas. Every day around the world, billions of people listen to music of one sort or another, and millions listen to Western classical music. Why do we do it? Because it energizes or relaxes us? The pull of music--especially classical music—has never been explained. The aim of this course is to do just that: To explicate the mysteries and beauties of some of Western cultures greatest musical compositions—among them masterpieces of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, and Puccini.

By Anthony Tommasini. Naturally, I urge those exploring classical music to find out whatever they can. A symphony orchestra program — or an opera, or a piano recital — is not an exam. Ah, that inevitable question. But in a broader sense the term classical music has been adopted as a way to describe the continuing heritage of music mostly written to be performed in concert halls and opera houses by orchestras, singers, choruses, chamber ensembles and solo instrumentalists. Another characteristic is that composers in this tradition have been drawn to larger, structured forms. Still, the term is far from ideal, but no one has come up with a good alternative — yet.

Please refresh the page and retry. S o, you want to explore classical music? You need to find the parts that speak to you personally.
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