What does nasa say about flat earth

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what does nasa say about flat earth

Flat Earth Quotes (16 quotes)

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Published 21.11.2018

James May Witnesses Curvature of Earth - James May: On The Moon - Brit Lab

Believers in a flat Earth will have an opportunity to sail to Antarctica in on a systems (GPS) work as they do because the Earth is a globe. round Earth from space are part of a vast conspiracy perpetrated by NASA . There's a New Blackest Material Ever, and It's Eating a Diamond As We Speak.


Few things in life are as unassailable as the ground under our feet. Or is it? This is and nothing is irrefutable. Some call it post-truth. Flat Earthers hold to a 14th Century understanding of our home world. Picture the Earth as a flat plate sitting in a snow globe and that encapsulates their beliefs; sort of.

Why NASA, WHYYYYY?!?! flat earthers were quiet. Then you drop this on Do flat earters also not believe in 3-dimensional space? 0 replies 0.
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The Conspiracy is the blanket term most commonly used by proponents of Zeteticism to refer to the active faking of space travel. It is most often associated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA , its constituents and fellow so-called "space agencies" as well as those who are informed by them including government.

Buzz Aldrin, Terry Virts and Scott Kelly did not hold back when responding to the famous rapper's accusations. Flat-Earthers are having a bit of a moment on social media. Now, distressingly one of the more famous Flat-Earthers; rapper B. B has started a GoFundMe page to send a satellite into space to take photos of the Earth. Depsite video evidence showing the earth to be curved, he believes it will appear flat. His theory is quite bizarre considering the amount of photos that already exist of a round Earth.

The Ohio State University. People who believe in the flat earth theory do not think the Earth is round. The flat earth society contains people from America and Europe and has been growing since Wolchover Believing that the Earth is flat is one of the ultimate conspiracy theories. They believe that the Earth is a disc with the Arctic Circle in the center and Antarctica, a foot-tall wall of ice, around the rim.


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