Songs about being the best you can be

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songs about being the best you can be

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Published 21.11.2018

Perfect Two - Auburn [Lyrics on screen and in description]

That's not possible, sadly, but you can always rely on music to give you . This simple, stripped-down ode to being your best authentic self has.

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Ever have one of those days where you just can't seem to get anything done. You know, feel completely unmotivated? It's interesting how we can be completely motivated one day, and the very next day, have none at all. You might be experiencing a rough patch. But as all things to, change is always possible. Things will get better and with time, change is imminent.

It moves us to action , inspires us to do better, motivates us to push through challenges , and comforts us when things are dark. There are a lot of amazing songs out there. However, once you find that one song that touches you, it can evoke impactful emotions and actions. Keep in mind that a list of the most inspirational songs of all time has to be highly subjective. Only you can decide which are the most inspirational songs to you. If you need a little confidence to face something— or someone— this is the song to listen to. Needless to say, it worked out for them and we have this incredible ballad about going for our dreams as a result.

This one is packed with simple words of wisdom for when things go beyond your control oh yes, those days will come. Skepta might be little known outside the UK, but his words certainly offer encouragement and strength to anyone, anywhere who seems to be facing the seemingly insurmountable. The inspiration for this song came after Alicia gave birth to her son. Nothing like a powerful, targeted inspirational piece to fill you with courage before taking that step. This is the perfect song for when life is a boxing match and you are preparing yourself mentally to face it squarely.

When life tries to break me down, only music can make me feel alright. Let me share music's greatest gift through my top playlists! Life can be so hard and, sometimes, we lose our spirit.
ways to become your own boss

1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Once upon a time, Drake was just like you, arguing with his mum and sitting in traffic. Learn from that steely resiliance, people! This one is all about dusting yourself off and getting the hell back out there, no matter what. Yet more survivors, this time providing the tune that got Rocky Balboa out of his rut and back in the ring. We defy you to hear those thudding, opening guitar chords and not feel percent ready to deal with whatever nonsense the day throws at you.


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