25 facts about stephen hawking

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25 facts about stephen hawking

Stephen Hawking: A Life in Science by Michael White

Originally published in 1992 to great acclaim, this updated edition traces the course of Hawkinga (TM)s life and science, successfully marrying biography and physics to tell the story of a remarkable man.

Stephen Hawking is no ordinary scientist. With a career that began over thirty years ago at Cambridge University, he has managed to do more than perhaps any other scientist to broaden our basic understanding of the universe. His theoretical work on black holes and his progress in advancing our knowledge of the origin and nature of the cosmos have been groundbreakinga if not downright revolutionary.

Stephen Hawking has also spent much of his adult life confined to a wheelchair, a victim of ALS, a degenerative motor neuron disease. Clearly his physical limitations have done nothing to confine him intellectually. He simply never allowed his illness to hinder his scientific development. In fact, many would argue that his liberation from the routine chores of life has allowed him to focus his efforts more keenly on his science.

Hawking certainly would have been remarkable for his cutting edge work in theoretical physics alone. However, he has also managed to popularize science in a way unparalleled by other scientists of his stature. He became a household name, achieving almost cult-like fame, with the release of his best-selling book, A Brief History of Time. Although steeped in the potentially overwhelming complexities of cosmology, he succeeded in selling millions of copies to audiences eager to learn even some of what he has to offer.

Science writers White and Gribbin have skillfully painted a portrait of an indefatigable genius and a scientific mind that seemingly knows no bounds. Knitting together clear explanations of Hawkinga (TM)s science with a detailed personal history that is both balanced as well as sensitive, we come to knowa and appreciatea both.

As Stephen Hawkinga (TM)s new book, The Universe in a Nutshell, hits the best-seller lists, it is the ideal time for readers to learn more about this remarkable man and his vast body of accomplishments.
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Stephen Hawking - From 1 To 75 Years Old - The Theory of Everything

17 Interesting Facts About Stephen Hawking

Even if you don't keep a close eye on new developments in physics, you've probably heard of the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. He prided himself on making his complex physical concepts accessible to the public and writing the bestseller, "A Brief History of Time. And if you are a fan of Conan O'Brien, "The Simpsons" or "Star Trek," you might have seen him brandishing his cool wit during guest appearances on those shows. Even if you are familiar with his academic work, however, there are many interesting facts you might not know about Hawking, stretching from his time at school and gradual development of disability to his opinions on the future of the human race. Many find it surprising, for instance, that, despite his influential body of work, Hawking was never awarded the Nobel Prize. We'll talk about some of the remarkable distinctions he did receive, however. Another interesting fact: Hawking was born on Jan.

Few scientists have the name recognition of Stephen Hawking. He is considered to be one of the greatest minds since Albert Einstein. Below are 42 facts about this acclaimed scientist. The Immortality Drive works as a capsule of human DNA information in the case of a cataclysmic event on earth. It would be natural to assume that Stephen Hawking exhibited his brilliance at an early age, but in fact, he was only an average student.

Learn about one of the most influential scientists of our time in our Stephen Hawking facts! Stephen made many important contributions to the.
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Learn about one of the most influential scientists of our time…

Born in Oxford, England and affected with a motor neuron disease, Stephen Hawking was one of the most acclaimed Theoretical Physicists of modern times. Besides his contribution in the field of Science especially Cosmology , his life has many other things worth knowing. Here are some interesting facts about him and his remarkable contributions to science:. Image: Flickr. A Safe Birthplace.

In this article on Stephen Hawking facts we will look at some of the most bizarre facts about one of the greatest scientific minds of the 21 st century. So, instead of wasting time, let us begin…. Yes, he argued in favor of it, drawing some really good logics. He eventually concluded saying that the only life form that humans have created is a computer virus and it is of totally destructive nature. Kip won the bet and Hawking bought 1-year subscription to Penthouse magazine. In September Hawking declared openly that he was an atheist. Robert Joseph White — a famous American neurosurgeon who was known for performing head transplant on living monkeys — wanted to perform head transplant on actor Christopher Reeve and Physicist Stephen Hawking.


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