5 fun facts about thurgood marshall

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5 fun facts about thurgood marshall

Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America by Gilbert King

Devil in the Grove is the winner of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction.

Arguably the most important American lawyer of the twentieth century, Thurgood Marshall was on the verge of bringing the landmark suit Brown v. Board of Education before the U.S. Supreme Court when he became embroiled in an explosive and deadly case that threatened to change the course of the civil rights movement and cost him his life.

In 1949, Florida’s orange industry was booming, and citrus barons got rich on the backs of cheap Jim Crow labor. To maintain order and profits, they turned to Willis V. McCall, a violent sheriff who ruled Lake County with murderous resolve. When a white seventeen-year-old Groveland girl cried rape, McCall was fast on the trail of four young blacks who dared to envision a future for themselves beyond the citrus groves. By day’s end, the Ku Klux Klan had rolled into town, burning the homes of blacks to the ground and chasing hundreds into the swamps, hell-bent on lynching the young men who came to be known as “the Groveland Boys.”

And so began the chain of events that would bring Thurgood Marshall, the man known as “Mr. Civil Rights,” into the deadly fray. Associates thought it was suicidal for him to wade into the “Florida Terror” at a time when he was irreplaceable to the burgeoning civil rights movement, but the lawyer would not shrink from the fight—not after the Klan had murdered one of Marshall’s NAACP associates involved with the case and Marshall had endured continual threats that he would be next.

Drawing on a wealth of never-before-published material, including the FBI’s unredacted Groveland case files, as well as unprecedented access to the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund files, King shines new light on this remarkable civil rights crusader, setting his rich and driving narrative against the heroic backdrop of a case that U.S. Supreme Court justice Robert Jackson decried as “one of the best examples of one of the worst menaces to American justice.”
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Thurgood Marshall for Kids

Thurgood Marshall

He won 29 of those cases, including landmark decisions about school segregation and voting rights. Here are a few things to know about this civil rights hero and legal pioneer, who was born on this day years ago. Thoroughgood Marshall was born in Maryland in Young Thoroughgood would eventually change his name to Thurgood. As a child in Baltimore, Marshall developed an interest in the law when his father William, a country club steward, took him to observe legal arguments at local courts. Six years later, Marshall won a big victory for teachers like his mother, when a federal court struck down pay discrimination against African-American teachers in Maryland. Marshall went on to fight for teacher pay equality in 10 states across the South.

Thurgood Marshall was an American civil rights lawyer, solicitor general, and associate justice of the U.
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Five More Things You Didn’t Know About Thurgood Marshall

From prankster to first in his class, here are 20 things to know about U. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall was a giant of the civil rights movement, and his impressive achievements number in the dozens. Here are 20 things to know about about the first African-American appointed to the Supreme Court. Marshall was born July 2, , in Baltimore, Maryland, the great-grandchild of slaves.

Toggle navigation. Thurgood Marshall Facts Thurgood Marshall was the first African-American Supreme Court Justice in the United States, and was one of the 20 th century's most influential Civil Rights advocates, having been responsible for ending segregation in schools. Thurgood Marshall was born on July 2 nd , , in Baltimore, Maryland, to Norma Marshall, a kindergarten teacher, and William Marshall, a railroad porter. Thurgood was a good student and graduated from high school a year early, going on to attend Lincoln University where he graduated with honors majoring in American literature and philosophy. Thurgood then attended Howard University School of Law, graduating in


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    After graduating cum laude from Lincoln University in , Marshall wanted to attend the University of Maryland School of Law, just blocks from his home in Baltimore.

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