Jermaine jackson interview about michael jackson

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jermaine jackson interview about michael jackson

You are Not Alone: Michael: Through a Brothers Eyes by Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson—older than Michael by four years—offers a keenly observed memoir tracing his brother’s life starting from their shared childhood and extending through the Jackson 5 years, Michael’s phenomenal solo career, his loves, his suffering, and his tragic end. It is a sophisticated, no-holds-barred examination of the man, aimed at fostering a true and final understanding of who he was, why he was, and what shaped him.

Jermaine knows the real Michael as only a brother can. In this raw, honest, and poignant account, he reveals Michael the private person, not Michael “the King of Pop.”

Jermaine doesn’t flinch from tackling the tough issues: the torrid press, the scandals, the allegations, the court cases, the internal politics, the ill-fated This Is It tour, and disturbing developments in the days leading up to Michael’s death. But where previous works have presented only thin versions of a media construct, he provides a rare glimpse into the complex heart, mind, and soul of a brilliant but sometimes troubled entertainer. As a witness to history on the inside, Jermaine is the only person qualified to deliver the real Michael and reveal what made him tick, his private opinions, and unseen emotions through the most headline-making episodes of his life.

Filled with keen insight, rich in anecdotes and behind-the-scenes detail, You Are Not Alone is the book for any true Michael Jackson fan and for anyone trying to make sense of the artist whose death was so premature.

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Jermaine Jackson & Tito Jackson get emotional talking about Michael Jackson (Big Boy's Neighnorhood)

Sep 13, WATCH Jermaine Jackson: Michael Had Escape Plan. 0 Shares Watch more of Jermaine's interview on "Nightline" tonight at p.m. ET.
Jermaine Jackson

Michael Jackson’s dad Joe is dying and family are banned from seeing him, Jermaine reveals

Jermaine Jackson broke down in tears when he tried to defend his brother Michael after the recent documentary Leaving Neverland slurred his reputation. Jermaine Jackson broke down in tears as he tried to defend his brother Michael after a documentary slurred the King of Pop. The singer has said the star of a new documentary about sexual abuse claims against Michael "tried to sue the family for billions after changing his story. Wade Robson, who is involved in the controversial documentary Leaving Neverland, has said he was sexually abused by Michael Jackson alongside another victim, who has said the star staged a mock wedding at his ranch. Jermaine told Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan that Wade denied being sexually abused in Michael's trial in , categorically stating this under oath and also to his own mother. But the singer has claimed since then, Wade's mother Joy contacted his ghost writer to try and "cement Michael's innocence," after which Wade "changed his story. The emotional singer also begged for people to "leave us alone" as he tried desperately to hold it together, continuing to profess Michael's innocence.

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During the "Today" show interview with Matt Lauer, Jermaine described the moment he found out that his superstar brother had died. There, he met with his brother's three young children and viewed his body with them. And, Matt, to hear my mother say, 'Michael is dead,' to feel and hear the tone in her voice to say her child is dead, is nothing that anyone can ever imagine," he said. But I held myself together because I knew he's very much alive in his spirit, and that was just a shell," he continued. You'll never leave me. As for having Jackson's three children, Blanket, Paris and Prince, see their father's body, Jermaine felt that it was necessary to help them better understand the situation.

The late King of Pop's dad, 89, is said to be dying of an undisclosed illness and his son Jermaine Jackson has revealed the drama surrounding his last days. Dad-of-eleven Joe's handlers allegedly barred senior family members from visiting him, leading to intense discussions for four days with his confused sons and daughters. Jermaine has confirmed to DailyMail. Even from the doctor. My mother was worried sick. The year-old has been ill for months, but took a turn for the worse in the past week, sources close to the family have disclosed.

Auch eine Frage, die ihm nicht passt, bringt ihn nicht aus der Ruhe. Haben Sie auch einfachere Fragen? Ganz simple Frage: Wer war Michael Jackson? Das haben Menschen gesagt, die ihn kannten. Michael hatte eine grosse Familie, auf die er sich verlassen konnte.


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