5 facts about harry potter

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5 facts about harry potter

101 Amazing Harry Potter Facts by Jack Goldstein

Through JK Rowlings series of Harry Potter books and the eight films, we have been introduced to a fantastic and magical world that Im sure many of us would like to visit. But what is the story behind what we see and read, and what are some little-known facts about the books, the films, the actors and the characters? This book contains 101 amazing facts which you most likely didnt know!
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Top 10 Behind the Scenes Secrets from Harry Potter

42 Facts About Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

It follows Harry on his 5th year at Hogwarts as he learns to be more comfortable around girls, and becomes more aware of the impending evil threatening the safety of everyone he loves. Daniel Radcliffe came up with a suggestion of respect to a teacher that Harry most certainly looked up to, he would wear certain types of clothes that resembled the outfit worn by Professor Lupin in his lessons from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, during his teachings. The director liked the suggestion that it became the basis for his look during those scenes in The Room of Requirement. Helena Bonham Carter who played Bellatrix Lestrange, wore chicken fillets to make her breasts look bigger. Even though they play enemies in the film, Emma Thompson and Imelda Staunton are very good friends, they have appeared in many films together and they live opposite of each other. Tonks hair was suppose to be pink like in the book, but the filmmakers decided to keep her hair purple because they felt that the color pink was more associated with Umbridge.

Whether you're a hardcore fan or a Muggle who's only seen the movies, there's no denying that Harry Potter is a cultural phenomenon. Keep reading to learn 20 surprising facts about JK Rowling's magical series, from how she named her characters to how technology brought the films to life. The author, who turns 54 this year, and the wizard were both born on July For example, Harry's name references his leadership qualities and Ron's pertains to his role as a sidekick. In contrast, Hermione's name, taken from Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale" and Greek mythology, more broadly has less to do with her own traits than with her Muggle parents' desire to pick a clever moniker. Many people, celebs included , strongly identify with a specific Hogwarts house. You might be surprised to learn, then, that Rowling first wrote down the words Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff on the back of an airplane vomit bag.

Rubeus Hagrid.
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Rowling gave her characters names that reflect their roles in the series.

50 Harry Potter Facts YOU DIDN'T KNOW - The Geeky Informant

If you thought knowing about Dumbedore's scar in the shape of London Underground was good geek knowledge, cast your eye over these fun facts. Think you know everything there is to know about JK Rowling's boy wizard? See how many of our 20 nerdy Harry Potter facts were already lodged in your brain. Because James' is a stag and Lily's is a doe they are a perfect fit together. Because Professor Snape was in love with Lily, his patronus transformed into a doe when she died. Rowling has said that if Voldemort saw a boggart it would embody his own corpse , since death was always his greatest fear.

The Harry Potter universe didn't end with the books. Whether you find new facts on Pottermore or in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, there's always more to learn about the wizarding world that Hogwarts students inhabit. Some of these facts are details to fill in some plot holes , or maybe resolve a character's storyline. However, there are some that are just interesting little tidbits on their own. In fact, "interesting" doesn't even covered it. You might have read recently that the witches and wizards of Hogwarts used to just pee themselves. Then, you might've reread that, because there's just no way that's real.

It was added when her publisher suggested that she not use her real name Joanne Rowling for the books. The original Harry Potter manuscript was turned down by 12 publishers before Bloomsbury finally accepted it. The chair that J. It had been signed and decorated by the author. Rowling said she chose it because Dumbledore loved music and she imagined the wizard to be often found humming to himself. These now sell for thousands of pounds.


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