Bible stories about self control

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bible stories about self control

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Blueprints - Elementary - When I Feel Angry, God Gives Me Self-Control

Bible stories

The following is a couple of Bible stories re-told in vernacular language. Many stories can be read straight out of the Bible and I often do just that. So consider this a free resource to use as a primer with your children, youth group, grandchildren or any other situation where you would like to discuss self-control. The story ends with a cliff hanger in hopes that the group will read the Bible for themselves or set you up for the next story time! TIP 1- I always incorporate the clear gospel message of Jesus Christ and leave you to seek the Spirit on how to do that here. TIP 3- Read this several times out loud before presenting this to your group.

We must control ourselves. We must do what is right. We must lead godly lives in today's world. Say: For the past several weeks, we have been studying all the Fruits of the Spirit listed in Galatians Can anyone tell me what this verse says?

Stop bickering this instant! Does that sound familiar to you? Let us hear what the Bible says:. During the time when David was fleeing from Saul, who wanted to kill him, many men joined David. He became their leader and they listened to him, because the Lord was with him. They could not stay in one place for too long, because there was always someone splitting on them to Saul. That is why they constantly moved around.

Login or register for tests, newsletters and community. A second meaning is the control of one's emotions or desires by one's own will.
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Be Like Jesus: Self-Control

Mischa Elman, one of the greatest violinists of the twentieth century, was walking through the streets of New York City one afternoon when a tourist approached him. Another professional golfer, Chi Chi Rodriguez, put it this way. Habit is more dependable. Habit is persistence in practice. Whether in the concert hall, the playing field or the classroom, the steadiness of practice is crucial for realized potential. It is an even more critical issue when it comes to living the spiritual life. We achieve great things by training ourselves.


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    This section provides Bible stories with the theme of self-control, along with questions that can be used as a guide for family discussions. Choose one that is .

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