What is the longest ride about

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what is the longest ride about

The Longest Ride Quotes by Nicholas Sparks

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Published 20.11.2018

The Longest Ride - Movie Review

The Longest Ride , a Romantic Drama With a Heart-warming Message

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Sign in. Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " explains how her newfound popularity is fueling Season 2 of the hit series. Watch now. A young woman with a mysterious past lands in Southport, North Carolina where her bond with a widower forces her to confront the dark secret that haunts her. A Marine travels to Louisiana after serving three tours in Iraq and searches for the unknown woman he believes was his good luck charm during the war. A pair of former high school sweethearts reunite after many years when they return to visit their small hometown.

Sign in. The lives of a young couple intertwine with a much older man, as he reflects back on a past love. As conflicting paths and ideals test their relationship, Sophia and Luke make an unexpected and fateful connection with Ira, whose memories of his own decades-long romance with his beloved wife deeply inspire the young couple. Ninety-one-year-old Ira Levinson is in trouble. Struggling to stay conscious after a car crash, an image of his adored - and long dead - wife Ruth appears. Urging him to hang on, she lovingly recounts the joys and sorrows of their life together: how they met, the dark days of World War II and it's unrelenting effects on their families. A few miles away, college student Sophia Danko's life is about to change when she meets the young, rugged Luke Collins and is thrown into a world far removed from her privileged school life.

The Longest Ride is a American Neo Western romantic drama film directed by George Tillman Jr. and written by Craig Bolotin. Based on Nicholas Sparks'.
all i ever wanted was for you to love me

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A long one. In the looks department, Eastwood definitely does Daddy Clint proud. But pretty pictures do not make a movie. The two-plus hours is mostly marked by an emptiness born of scene after scene designed to blatantly manipulate emotions rather than trigger them. Director George Tillman Jr. For fans of the book, screenwriter Craig Bolotin makes only minor adjustments.

Ira Levinson is in trouble. At ninety-one years old, in poor health and alone in the world, he finds himself stranded on an isolated embankment after a car crash. Urging him to hang on, she forces him to remain alert by recounting the stories of their lifetime together how they met, the precious paintings they collected together, the dark days of WWII and its effect on them and their families. Recovering from a recent break-up, Sophia Danko meets a young cowboy named Luke, who bears little resemblance to the privileged frat boys she has encountered at school. Through Luke, Sophia is introduced to a world in which the stakes of survival and success, ruin and reward -- even life and death loom large in everyday life. Ira and Ruth.

The film was released on April 10, by 20th Century Fox. A year later after recovering, he starts riding again and meets Sophia Danko Britt Robertson after she attends the show. She is an art lover living at a sorority house with an internship secured in New York City. On the way home from their first date, they spot a car crash in the woods and help rescue an older man who is stuck inside. Sophia also pulls a wicker box from the vehicle.


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