Fun questions to ask about christmas

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fun questions to ask about christmas

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Published 18.11.2018

NEVER Ask Siri These Christmas Questions! (Naughty or Nice?)

Christmas Trivia

Have some fun hanging out this holiday season with loved ones asking these questions to your favorite virtual assistant, Siri. And it really is incredible that we have this technology to be so helpful and personalized to our lives. We can thankfully use our Apple products to full capacity and discover lots of information, reminders, dictation, and hands-free help…but have some fun with these holiday questions to ask Siri. You may find lots of other entertaining inquiries. You can read through some ideas and highlights here, but scroll through the Facebook photos below to see all of the great answers we received! A: There are a variety of ways to ask this question, so play around. And at the North Pole.

Love love love the quiz can we answer too? Your answers are scarily close to mine though!!! Its funny isn't it how different everyones attitude to christmas is and how we all have different little family traditions. Em xxx. Ah I love reading about everyone's Christmas traditions.

History of Christmas

Remember those school dances where the boys and girls were too shy to mingle and ended up staring at each other from across the room while the music played? Nevertheless, the basic problem is real, even if the details differ.

Most of these trivia questions are quite challenging, so feel good about any that you can get right. At the bottom of the page is our collection of free printable Christmas trivia PDFs. One PDF has the questions and answers, another has just the questions, and the last has just the answers. There is also an image at the bottom of the page of all the questions and answers if that works better for you. Or maybe you are more into video than text? Here is a video of our top ten Christmas trivia questions:.

Christmas Bible trivia is a fun and very appropriate game to play on Christmas when all of your family is present. Make this game a part of family tradition and see who has been keeping up on their Bible studies throughout the year! The best part is, most of these questions are related to the birth of Jesus, making it the perfect Christmas Bible trivia to use:. Give everyone paper and a pen, recite one question at a time aloud, then go over the answers as a group and see who got the most correct. Jeopardy style: Make it a game of Jeopardy where the answers are given in question form.

Christmas is an event, a tradition, and a family get-together. For elders it is like re-uniting with family, some chit chat and lots of fun. When we talk about Christmas the one thing that comes in our mind that is the fun, and some snowing wonderful evening we spend with our family and friends. There are so many new trends that coming up just for the purpose to celebrate the Christmas but nothing works more than having all family together sitting on dinner table and simply enjoying good quality family time. It is fun game and can be played with all age groups.


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