What have you changed your mind about

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what have you changed your mind about

Nicholas Marchuk (Author of Embedded Computing and Mechatronics with the Pic32 Microcontroller)

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Published 20.11.2018

What Have You Changed Your Mind About? - 0-100

Even geniuses change their minds sometimes. Edge (ericacassellaphotography.com), the influential online intellectual salon, recently asked high-powered thinkers to .
Nicholas Marchuk

What Have You Changed Your Mind About?: Today's Leading Minds Rethink Everything

Their answers are illuminating—and may cause you to reflect on how your thinking has changed over the years, too. I started wanting to open a counseling company and ended up running a tech platform. Both approaches are very rigorous and all-consuming, but the way I spent my time and energy changed. As a solo founder out of New York, I was just hustling and figured it out as I went. Once I entered Startup Land, those expectations and assumptions changed drastically. What your team looks like, what your growth looks like, what your life looks like, what you look like, are very different. Very different measures of success, and one made me miserable.

Each year, the cyberspace-based Edge Foundation asks leading public intellectuals a simple question. Last year, the foundation wanted to know, "What are you most optimistic about? There a few converts to climate change, including Wired 's Chris Anderson. One of the most surprising entries is that of Philip Campbell , the editor in chief of Nature, who comes out in favor of "enhancement drugs" under certain conditions. Sacha Baron-Cohen's brainy cousin Simon , a psychologist at Cambridge, has come to believe that "biology has little time for equality. And I had never realized that Brian Eno was once a Mao fan, though I'm glad to see he's seen the light. As for me, I used to be pessimistic about our ability to solve environmental problems but am becoming much less so, with one glaring exception: I don't think we're going to avert climate change.

It makes sense that as we grow older and experience more of life, our thoughts and feelings about certain things change. Beliefs we've held for years that we believed we'd never budge on are suddenly seen in a different light and we realize we may have gotten it wrong. It's called growing as a person, and it's a good thing. While I've certainly evolved my way of thinking about many things over the past decade, these are the seven topics that I've done a complete on. While I was never gung-ho about having kids to begin with, I've definitely become vehemently against the idea over the past decade. I'm simply too attached to having freedom with my time, money, and energy and realize that I'm not selfless enough to even want to give that up for a child.

Even geniuses change their minds ericacassellaphotography.com (ericacassellaphotography.com), the influential online intellectual salon, recently asked high-powered thinkers to discus.
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    2. The institution of marriage

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    Do you know someone who seems to know everything?

  3. Maurizio L. says:

    The Edge Annual Question —

  4. Parnella L. says:

    Each year, ericacassellaphotography.com's John Brockman asks a new question, and a bunch of tech /sci/internet folks reply. This year's question: What have you changed your mind.

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    Well, it's not that I completely changed my mind on this, but now I find myself torn on the issue. On the one hand, the suicide rate in the trans.

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