Childrens books about bad dreams

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childrens books about bad dreams

The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Dream by Stan Berenstain

Once again, the Berenstain Bears jump in to help the child understand life. Personally, this is one my favorite books in the series because it tackles something that every child can understand, but that few explain even half so well.

While there is an awful lot of backstory in this book to explain the dream - at the same time, Im kind of glad the author took their time to explain the origins of the dreams, so that the child can see clearly that there are definite reasons for the dreams that plague us at night. I love the explanation at the end, and how everything resolves. I love that even Brother is shown as having bad dreams sometimes, as small children tend to think theyre the only ones who get scared by such things.

Overall, I like this book a lot. This is definitely one to read with your child.
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Bad Dream

Books About Nightmares For Kids

Kids of all ages get scared by nightmares, but you can help your child learn to sleep soundly again. For months, my year-old, Jane, had nightmares nearly every night. She'd wake up screaming for me, I'd run to her room, and she'd beg me to stay with her because she was too frightened to be alone. Wasn't she too old for this? Most of her nightmares were about scary dolls. She'd seen a commercial on the Disney Channel for a movie about a creepy doll—reminiscent of Chucky—and couldn't get the image out of her mind.

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Little M has been having bad dream after bad dream. Some weeks she wakes up at least once every night. It is terrible for her. I thought I would show you the review before I reveal the cool things we did! The Dream Jar.

I am not a Mom that does well with less than 8 hours sleep.
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