Interesting facts about john lee love

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interesting facts about john lee love

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50 Psychological Facts About Love That Will Shock You

John Lee Love (?-1931)

Born: Unknown. Circa [1]. Love's original occupation was a carpenter. His first invention was an improvement to plasterer's hawk. His design for the plasterer's hawk included a detachable handle and a folding aluminum board, making it portable and lightweight.

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September 26 , Died On : December 26 , John Lee Love perfection stretched to unknown places. - John Lee Love Sept. Not much is known about his life, but he is remembered for two inventions, the other being a plasterer's hawk, which works much like an artist's palette for a plasterer or mason.

Though these old-school rotary sharpeners looked super cool and intricate, they were cumbersome. While the hand-cranked sharpener uses a rotary system that shaves away thin slices of pencil until the pencil comes to a point, the Love Sharpener uses a single blade to shave the pencil. The Love Sharpener catches the pencil shavings and keeps them inside the device until you empty it out or expels them immediately. Anyone can carry this tiny tool in their pocket or their backpack. Check out the patent awarded Mr. Love in below, and shop our sharpeners.

In , Lee patented a lightweight plasterer's hawk. In , he patented a portable pencil sharpener known as the "Love Sharpener. Little is known about the life of John Lee Love, the inventor of the portable pencil sharpener. It is speculated that he was born some time during the reconstruction period - between Love later worked as a carpenter in the community of Fall River, Massachusetts. He applied for a patent for a portable pencil sharpener in His application specified that his invention was an "improved device" that could double as a paperweight or ornament.



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