Raw till 4 vegan diet

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raw till 4 vegan diet

The Raw Till 4 Diet - Banana Girl Cleanse by Freelee

I really have to give this woman all the credit! I was actually really surprised by this book as her first book was a total no-go.
This book is so much more structured! And it makes sense. Im vegan for over 6 years now and I have read my fair share of vegan health books. Freelees book is definitely amongst the ones that Im highly recommending.
It is just so refreshing to read things like it is going to take time. be patient. you need to heal first.
Does she promise fast weight loss? Hell no. But she promises LONGTERM results and health. And she is constantly stressing how this is the only thing that should matter.
As someone who has been following Freelee for many years and is familiar with her videos, I would say you could skip the book. Her videos are very informative. The book has some recipies in it and she quotes Dr. McDougall, Dr. Graham and Dr. Greger (which I think is important for people to see.. some still need to see scientific evidence).
What I was strongly critizing about Freelee is the fact that she is no doctor and as she has no scientific degree on nutrition, she should not spread her message. Well.. Its is definitely time to take that one back and apologize for it. If you take a look at the development of the fitness and diet industry in the last couple of years.... that is scary, so so scary. And scientific proof or a degree in health does not really matter a lot anymore (to me, at least).

Summing up:
nothing new for people who know the RT4-lifestyle. but it is still a great overlook and just pretty to have and for re-reading some chapters once in a while.
For newbies? definitely recommended.
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No, I Don't Eat Raw Till 4. Here are 8 Reasons Why.

Raw Till 4 Diet: Health Benefits, Concerns And Meal Plan

Without her Free and available advice I would still be obese. Last January I weighed lbs. I struggled with eating disorders too now I don't worry how many calories I eat. No more binges on junk food. You saved my life. Your video popped up among other crappy weight loss calorie restriction videos I was looking for.

Absolutely love the book so far! I can see all the love and hard work you put into it! This book is the perfect way to kick start my new vegan life and I cant thank you enough for giving me this tool! I hope to use the recipes in here for years! After years of fad diets, hating my body and being terrified of carbs I found Freelee a few years ago and literally devoured this book.

This post may contain affiliate links. Raw-till-4, the catchy, flexible and effective approach to raw veganism that will make it a doddle to access the infinite benefits of the lifestyle. Originally created by Freelee the Banana Girl ring a bell? It also emphasizes the benefits of mono-meals — meal comprised of one type of food only. Unlike fad diets, the lifestyle is based on the idea that restriction will lead to undernourishment and frustration and, in fact, we need lots of healthy carbohydrates and fruit sugars to fuel our brains and bodies. Fed up of feeling so ravenous and restricted that you start dreaming of sickly donuts and grease-laden burgers? Well, raw till 4 might be your answer.

The word Diet implies calorie restriction. This Raw Till 4 lifestyle is all about abundance of food. Because you are eating raw whole fruits all day and some cooked carbs and vegetables for dinner, you really need to eat A LOT of fruits in the daytime.
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Raw Till 4 and Freelee the Banana Girl

The Raw Till 4 diet is vegan, and includes a lot of raw foods, but for many, even those who were once dedicated followers, that's where the good points end. RT4 has come under increasing fire in the last year or two, not just from frustrated fans who haven't gotten the results they were promised, but from prominent health experts like Dr Gregor who, with a confused look, questioned the science of only eating raw before 4. But let's be clear about this: Raw Till 4 is a diet fad by definition, because it recommends an unsustainable for the majority way of eating that isn't supported by science. Freelee, as her name suggests, also really likes bananas. So much so that she has a 30bananasaday website which promotes, well, 30 bananas a day. But, like all humans, vegans do still have to earn money to survive. Freelee and Durian Rider do this by promoting their brand, their ebooks and Raw Till 4 diet.

Raw Till 4 is a diet that exactly comprises what it says. In real life this comes down to two raw meals — breakfast and lunch — and a cooked dinner. Coffee at breakfast? No way. Sandwich for lunch? Think again.

Is Raw Till 4 a passing food fad or can it transform your eating habits? Morgan Cerrone finds out…. Raw Till 4, in essence, is exactly that. Only raw food until 4pm — seems easy enough. However, there then follow certain principles; the key ones being drinking litres of water a day, no caffeine, 1, calories of raw fruit or vegetables for both breakfast and lunch, no oil and daily exercise. Oh, and you can eat as much as you want.


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