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jane eyre bbc mini series

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Jane Eyre: Return to Thornfield Hall

Georgie Henley in Jane Eyre () Ruth Wilson in Jane Eyre () Toby .. Q: Does "Jane Eyre ( miniseries)" display differences from Charlotte Bronte's.
Charlotte Bronte

Comprehensive Guide to Jane Eyre Adaptations

The story of a young governess eventually marrying her employer has a Cinderella-like ending after all the gothic and mysterious plot twists. There is something naturally appealing about Jane Eyre, who goes from being poor, orphaned, and unloved to finding her independence, discovering family, and gaining the love of her soul mate, Edward Rochester. Although she describes herself as small, poor, and plain, Jane finds her way in the world through her own intelligence, faith, and indomitable spirit. It was only natural, then, that with the advent of film, people would try to bring the novel to life, showing not only the events of the story but capturing its soul. These screen adaptations, along with stage performances and other forms of media, have kept the Jane Eyre readership alive and vibrant, with fans communicating with each other in new ways given the age of computer forums and blogs. Currently, there have been over twenty film and TV adaptations, with another film announced for featuring Mia Wasikowska of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. What is remarkable is how the Jane Eyre movies and miniseries have allowed fans of the novel to share their feelings, opinions, and questions about Jane Eyre.

Jane visits Thornfield Hall and is horrified by the state that she discovers it in. St John protests the idea of marriage to Miss Oliver and Jane's true identity is revealed. A despondent Jane is offered shelter by the Rivers family. Mr Briggs interrupts Jane and Mr Rochester's wedding with some scandalous information. Summoned by her aunt, Jane returns to Gateshead Hall, the scene of her unhappy childhood.

Sign in. Briggs interrupts the wedding of Jane and Mr. Rochester with the claim that the marriage cannot proceed, as Mr. Rochester has a wife. Rochester is entertaining guests and Jane is perturbed by his evident fondness for Blanche Ingram. The star of " The Boys " has a great Watchlist that she can't stop re-watching.

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Sign in. Mr Rochester finally proposes to Jane Eyre. Will she accept him? The heartbroken Jane Eyre has left Thornfield. Exhausted, penniless and hopeless she lies down on the moors and is rescued by St John Rivers who, with his sisters, brings her back to life again. Thornfield receives a visitor. This visitor seems to unsettle Rochester in a way Jane cannot understand.


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