What is careless whisper about

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what is careless whisper about

Careless Whispers: The Life and Career of George Michael by Robert Steele

Here is a riveting account of the highs and lows of the life and career of one of pop musics top solo artists.

Covers the formation of Wham! in the early 80s with friend Andrew Ridgley, their success with hits including Young Guns (Go For It), Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and Club Tropicana and their split in 1986.

Details Michaels huge success as a solo artist with albums including Faith and Listen Without Prejudice and his high profile legal battle iwth Sony which cost him millions of his own money.  Covers his personal life and the drug and sex scandals that eventually led him to be sent to prison in 2010 following a car crash.

Includes commentary by those best placed to observe his career - such as former Wham! manager Simon Napier-Bell.
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Careless Whisper - Lyric Breakdown #2

A Song about Cheating? The meaning of “Careless Whisper”

It was his first solo single, and it remains one of the greatest love songs of all time. George Michael transformed himself overnight from a boyband member to a leading pop icon with this s ballad. But what is 'Careless Whisper' about and how was it made? Here are all the facts you need to know:. The pair had written it together while developing as artists in in Watford, when they were aged just I have always written on buses, trains and in cars. It always happens on journeys.

George Michael sold more than million records over a career that spanned almost four decades, but would likely have preferred some of his songs to be remembered over others. It sold over six million copies around the world and made it to No. It also features one of the most famous sax solos in popular music. Is that why they connect with it? I have no idea, but it's ironic that this song - which has come to define me in some way - should have been written right at the beginning of my career when I was still so young. Written about an obsession with a lost lover and with a fairly sinister tone, it also took a short time 30 minutes to write, and is somehow interpreted as being romantic one couple told Sting they played it at their wedding.

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"Careless Whisper" is a pop ballad written by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley of Wham!. It was released on 24 July on the Wham! album Make It Big.
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Who uses Careless Whisper?

It was released on 24 July on the Wham! The song features a prominent saxophone riff, and has been covered by a number of artists since its first release. It was released as a single and became a huge commercial success around the world. Unlike most of the other Wham! The two wrote it together as developing artists three years earlier in Watford , England. Michael wrote in his biography, "With 'Careless Whisper' I remember exactly where it first came to me, where I came up with the sax line

One of the most listened to songs of the s, with worldwide popularity and topping the charts at 1 in 25 countries…. It all starts with a story from George Michaels early years….. There was a girl there with long blond hair whose name was Jane. My sister used to go and do what she wanted when we got to the skating rink and I would spend the afternoon swooning over this girl Jane. A few years later, when I was sixteen, I had my first relationship with a girl called Helen. It had just started to cool off a bit when I discovered that the blonde girl from Queensway had moved in just around the corner from my school. She had moved in right next to where I used to stand and wait for my next-door neighbour, who used to give me a lift home from school.

The year was It spent 3 weeks at 1 and 22 weeks overall on the Billboard charts in — Careless Whisper is also there for you when you need something to seem a little sexier, from eating a banana to playing Wii. Vines and other social-media videos play the sax-heavy opening to the song over images of painfully awkward people or situations. The people featured in these videos are usually either trying to be sexy or absolutely not trying. Menu Dictionary.


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    With 'Careless Whisper' I remember EXACTLY where it first came to me, where I came up with the sax line. I can remember very vaguely where.

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    It was released by the English singer-songwriter George Michael and the musical duo Wham!

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