Where to start 17 mile drive

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where to start 17 mile drive

17 Mile Drive by M.D. Baer

This is so bad I had to struggle to finish it but at least it was quite short. It is badly written, has a terrible storyline which jumps around with a casual disregard for the reader and shows a lack of convincing characterisation throughout. Once again, I assumed I was listening to an abridged version but, on checking, it turned out to be the complete book. I was not convinced.

On the plus side, if you are a fanatical golfer - Im not - you might enjoy some of the numerous detailed descriptions of golf. You will need to be an expert as golfing terms are never explained so, for example, we are told that someone birdied a shot which means nothing at all to a non-golfer. Definitely not recommended.
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Pebble Beach 17 Mile Sunset Drive

Where do you actually enter/start on the 17 mile...

However, have read that there isn't much to see between that and the Pacific Grove entrance. Would it be a wiser use of time to drive over to Pacific Grove and enter there? How much time do you estimate it would save by doing this? I don't think it makes much difference where you enter the mile Drive. If you are worried about time, I wouldn't do it. Unless you like golf courses and expensive houses with some coastal views thrown in.

Located just south of Monterey, Pebble Beach is a branded, gated community that sees thousands of tourists each year. I grew up traveling down to this region— its kelp-dotted waters still cause me to remember times at the beach with family. Here are my tips for visiting this stunning coastal region. The California coast, particularly in the north, can get quite a bit of fog. The best bet for great weather is summer-into-fall, between late June and mid-September. The photographs here were taken in August.

We are driving toward San Francisco and staying in Pacific Grove , does anyone know if it's by there? Yes, one of the entrances is in Pacific Grove. Another is in Carmel. There are three entrances in Pacific Grove :. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity.

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17 Mile Drive Vlog- Pebble Beach -Scenic drive

Driving North to South was great because you were always on the right side of the road for the parking lots and could see the coast as you drove so I recommend starting there. Either from Monterey or Carmel the drive is two lanes both directions. Most start the drive on the Monterrey side and end in Carmel I believe. We spent the day in Carmel by the Sea and finished the day with 17 mile drive back toward Monterey since we were staying there. There are sign posting you to the 17 mile drive on highway or in Carmel or Pacific Grove. It is hard to miss.

The 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, California first opened in to horse-drawn carriages and has since become one of the most famous scenic drives in the world. Here is some information to help you plan your trip to and along the Mile Drive in Pebble Beach. I would suggest entering from the main Highway 1 entrance gate at Pebble Beach, as starting here makes it the easiest to follow along with the map. We normally start here and then exit at the Carmel gate. But you can enter and exit at any gate and still see all of the sights. This is an easy attraction to visit along the Pacific Coast Highway.


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    One of the most scenic drives on the Monterey Peninsula, and quite possibly the world, resides behind the prestigious gates of Pebble Beach.

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    Mile Drive, Monterey: "Where do you actually enter/start on the 17 mile " | Check out 10 answers, plus see reviews, articles, and photos of.

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