A sound mind resides in a sound body

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a sound mind resides in a sound body

The Wave Principle by Ralph Nelson Elliott

The Elliott Wave Principle is a form of technical analysis that some traders use to analyze financial market cycles and forecast market trends by identifying extremes in investor psychology, highs and lows in prices, and other collective factors. Ralph Nelson Elliott, a professional accountant, discovered the underlying social principles and developed the analytical tools. He proposed that market prices unfold in specific patterns, which practitioners today call Elliott waves, or simply waves. Elliott published his theory of market behavior in this book The Wave Principle. Elliott stated that because man is subject to rhythmical procedure, calculations having to do with his activities can be projected far into the future with a justification and certainty heretofore unattainable.
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A sound mind in a sound body

A new study proves the old Roman saying, "A sound mind in a sound body" the more fit one's heart is, the more one's brain seems to benefit, scientists now find. Many earlier studies have linked physical exercise with brainpower in humans and animals, but most of the research in people focused on children or older adults. The few studies of young adulthood when the brain changes rapidly, establishing many traits linked with intelligence have yielded ambiguous data. To help resolve this conflict, in a massive study, researchers investigated nearly all Swedish men born between and who were conscripted at age 18 into military service, which is compulsory in Sweden. The sample of a whopping 1,, men used data on physical fitness and intelligence performance, and included , full sibling pairs and 3, twin pairs, of whom 1, were identical. The scientists discovered that cardiovascular fitness was linked with overall intelligence, although the same did not hold true for muscle strength and brainpower.

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A sound mind is in a sound body.

By Scotty Morgan - Jul 7, Business has a lot of ups and downs, so it's good to focus on keeping yourself healthy and in a positive frame of mind.

I would like to challenge you to think about this phrase. A majority of what we read is about how to think, how to manage, how to grow, improve or gain information all to be more successful, earn a promotion or run a business more profitably. These are unquestionably critical items and pieces of information to have, and this publication is an amazing tool for obtaining them. Yet, we rarely talk about the physical part of what we do. We should consider the physical stress of organizing our companies, producing goods, challenging travel schedules or even sitting or standing for long periods of time. Many of us get up much earlier than others do to get a jump start on our day.


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