History of us naval operations in wwii

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history of us naval operations in wwii

History of US Naval Operations in WWII, 15 Vols by Samuel Eliot Morison

This final narrative volume of Morisons history recounts the infamous campaigns for Iwo Jima and Okinawa, two of the most bitterly contested campaigns of the war. When the U.S. Marines landed on Iwo Jima, they expected to secure it within a few days. No one had anticipated Japans determination to defend the island to the last man. Morison describes the Japanese defense system of camouflaged rifle pits and fortified gunning positions that held the Allies at bay and the heavy and continuous cover of naval gunfire that prevented even greater losses. As it was, the securing of Iwo Jima cost the United States more casualties than had been incurred in taking any other island in the Pacific. On Okinawa, the conflict stretched over six long, bloody months.

As land forces struggled for every inch they took on the islands, the U.S. Navy faced the desperate fury of the kamimaze corps and its harvest of flaming terror: explosions, burning and flooded ships, searing injuries and death. Fierce weather, logistical complexities, Japanese submarines, and the unexpected death of President Roosevelt also took their toll. Morison concludes his epic account with the final skirmishes of the war, the fateful decision to drop the atomic bomb, and the delicate negotiations leading to Japanese surrender.

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As land forces struggled for every inch they took on the islands, the U.
Samuel Eliot Morison

History Of United States Naval Operations In World War II

By Samuel Eliot Morison. Boston: Atlantic-Little, Brown and Company, Illustrations, maps, appendixes, and index. Most users should sign in with their email address. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in.

Immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor , Morison, already convinced of the value of personal involvement as a result of sailing experience while writing his biography of Christopher Columbus , wrote to President Roosevelt suggesting the preparation of an official history of the Navy in the war, and volunteering for the task. Both President Roosevelt and the Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox agreed, and in May Morison was commissioned as a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Naval Reserve , and assigned a staff of assistants, with permission to go anywhere and to see all official records. Morison's reputation as a knowledgeable sailor based on his analysis in the biography of Christopher Columbus preceded him, and he was welcomed on a number of ships, eleven of them in all by the end of the war. The result was a normal historical work, not a prescribed official history. Limitations of the History of U. Naval Operations are mostly due to its shortened period of publication.

List of Histories

Seabees of World War II

They are non-circuating and must be consulted in the library. A reference librarian will be happy to retreive them for you. These unpublished histories record experiences and provide insights into policies, decisions, implementing actions, and accomplishments of the United States Navy. The collection is comprised of numbered histories, bound in approximately volumes. It includes narrative histories dealing with virtually every aspect of the administration of the naval establishment and the roles it played in contributing to victory during World War II. Some of the volumes also contain brief coverage of the pre-war beginnings and early histories of organizations and activities.

I came across it at our public library when I was in Jr. It is definitely not casual reading, You must have a high degree of interest in the subject. I became so engrosed with this set,. You will not find a more detailed, blow by blow, objective telling of Naval operations. I sure wish i had bucks to spend, but a little to old now anyway. Showing best matches Show all copies.


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