Piano trio in g minor

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piano trio in g minor

Clara Schumann: Piano Trio in G minor, Op.17 by Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann (nee Clara Josephine Wieck) was a German musician and composer, considered one of the most distinguished pianists of the Romantic era. She exerted her influence over a 61-year concert career, changing the format and repertoire of the piano recital and the tastes of the listening public. Her husband was the composer Robert Schumann. She and her husband encouraged Johannes Brahms, and she was the first pianist to give public performances of some of Brahms works, notably the Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel.
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Piano Trio in G minor, Op. 26

Adalbert's Church in Prague had been so meager that the city officials certified his poverty, thus making him eligible to submit his work for consideration to a committee in Vienna awarding grants to struggling artists. The members of the selection committee were a distinguished lot: Johann Herbeck, director of the Court Opera; the influential critic Eduard Hanslick; and that titan of Viennese music himself, Johannes Brahms. The grief that colored the works he wrote during the following months: the somber E major String Quartet and Piano Concerto and the choral setting of the Stabat mater , the liturgical words describing the pity of the Mother of Christ at the cross was first expressed musically in the Piano Trio in G minor, written in seventeen days, four months after his daughter's death. The medium and key were significant, since they were the same ones that Bedrich Smetana had chosen 15 years before to commemorate his own four-year-old daughter, Bedriska, who had been named after him. Her departure to the world of angels has taken away everything from us. The Trio's opening gestures-a pair of emphatic chords and a melancholy descending phrase-seem to encapsulate two steps in the grieving process: anger and sadness. These ideas are expanded into the movement's formal main theme, which is treated at some length before the mood lightens for the subsidiary subject, a small-interval melody begun by the cello that cycles three times through its first measure.

Soundbite Movt 1. Soundbite-Movt 2. Soundbite-Movt 3. Soundbite-Movt 4 Piano Trio in g minor, Op. There was a time when Frederic Chopin's Piano Trio in g minor was often heard in concert and in the homes of amateurs.

Genre: Chamber music. Trio in G minor, Op. Schlesinger Trio in G minor, Op. Everything suggests that Chopin wrote the last notes onto the score of the Piano Trio in G minor, Op. The Trio is a composition of considerable weight, and in some respects it is similar to the Piano Sonata in C minor. It, too, is a cycle with a sonata structure, but scored for different forces: piano accompanied by violin and cello. This is a design of a dramatic character.

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Clara and Robert Schumann shared so many musical interests that after a few years of marriage, their compositions began to sound quite similar -- that is, Clara 's started sounding more like Robert 's. In the mids, they both made a close study of Bach and Clara emerged with a fine hand at counterpoint. During the season, pregnant with her fourth child, Clara was unable to tour as a concert pianist and so stayed home and put her new contrapuntal skills to work in a piano trio. It is considered one of her best works and it's one of her few compositions more extended than lieder and keyboard character pieces. Like Robert , Clara here maintains a thick sound, but it's because all three instruments are playing contrapuntally much of the time, not because one is essentially doubling another's part, as was often the case with Robert. The substantial first movement, Allegro moderato, could pass for one of her husband's with its stern yet somewhat yearning, lyrical first subject, and the second subject is lighter, chordal, and syncopated.

The Piano Trio in G minor , opus 17 by Clara Schumann was written in , and was the only piano trio she wrote. During the development of the Trio, she was going through hardships in life. Her husband Robert Schumann was extremely ill. This trio was completed during the summer of when they traveled to Norderney in attempts to improve Robert's health conditions. While in Norderney, Clara suffered from miscarriage. A year after the composition of her piano trio, Robert composed his first piano trio, op. It is seen that Clara's trio has had great influences on Robert's trio as they both share many interesting similarities.


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    The Piano Trio in G minor, opus 17 by Clara Schumann was written in , and was the only piano trio she wrote. The trio was composed during her presence.

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    Work Title, Piano Trio. Alternative. Title. Name Translations, ??????? ?????; Trio pour piano, violon et violoncelle. Name Aliases, Piano Trio in G Minor, Op.

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    Piano Trio (Clara Schumann) - Wikipedia

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