Poems about passionate love making

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poems about passionate love making

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I love you baby ?? Romantic Quotes, Passionate Love Poems and Letters ??????

10 Ultra-Sexy Poems That'll Make You All Tingly Down There

Being in love is an all-consuming experience. It is exciting, thrilling, and a little terrifying to fall head over heels for someone. The passion between two people deeply in love burns like a wildfire. They only have eyes for each other, and everything else pales in comparison. Passion for a lover is expressed physically, but it can also be a strong emotional connection.

Passion being one of the strongest emotions a person can feel, and love being right up there with it, putting these two feelings together can make for one hell of an unbreakable pairing. Passionate love has the capacity to drive us into experiences that we would have never taken otherwise. It makes our heart beat and our mind to fog. Sometime it is stimulating like the first sip of coffee in the morning. It can feel heavy, drowning us in just a whisper.

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Enjoy our passionate love poems for him or her. Sexy poems about Making Love expressing passion and lust. The passion and desire between two people.
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Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings and guys also have very deep thoughts in their minds. They usually do not express the depth of their love but show you by doing everything to make you happy. If you want to return your smile to him or want to read some beautiful words, then here the deep love poems to your boyfriend or husband.

Passionate love poems can reflect a dance as old as time. This is a dance of intense passion and romance intimately shared between two people deeply in love. You can use these powerful words of love to create your own romantic interlude. Antagonizing pleasure Placed upon my lips Where dreams come true In just one kiss! Sharing an afternoon of ecstasy Closing the door on reality Not even the thickest iceberg Could melt the lust I feel inside! I shed my fears faster than my clothes The anticipation begins to unfold My heart begins to pound faster As you come closer Just one look from your eyes And I become hypnotized A river of sins, to which I concede Just one kiss, caused the undoing of me! Your lips gently pressed against mine A silent submission of tongues intertwined My mouth tenderly pressed against yours My voice trembles as you start to explore Electric shocks as your tongue touches mine An erotic dance of passing time My heart's racing as fast as yours My body's craving for something more!

Love is a really deep and very romantic word. As a rule, it is associated with the nice feelings, which force people to do strange, and sometimes even dangerous things to prove their greatest intentions! Romantic Poems for Her will capture the heart of even the most unattainable girl! Romance is always connected with various Love Poems and sonnets. When it comes to love, everything you say or do should go from the depths of your heart.

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Travis Green Dec Your soul was calling out to me in the nighttime sky, vibrant skin sifting inside timeless climaxes and rewinds, shimmering lights and hypnotic gleams, an ocean of water and poetry gliding on booming beats. The world began to sink inside our romance, the horniness of our hot flesh sizzling in sparking temptations, deep designs and glimmering patterns. Continue reading


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