A christmas carol scavenger hunt

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a christmas carol scavenger hunt

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Published 28.11.2018

Christmas Carol Scavenger Hunt 2

A Scavenger Hunt for the Holiday

To promote their upcoming album Ghost Stories , the English rock band has stashed copies of their lyrics in ghost story books around the globe. What do you call a hundred Coldplay fans in a library? On Monday afternoon, the band released the first hint of the lyricshunt campaign:. Seems the first lyricshunt envelope has now been found! Was in Vasconcelos Library in Mexico City.

I stopped by school that day and saw this going on. Love it!!! What a perfectly neat idea:.
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This video scavenger hunt is perfect for using with a church youth group, although could be used with other groups of kids or adults of any age. This will be most fun when played in small teams of people, although can also be played individually or in pairs. The best place to play this scavenger hunt would be at a mall, due to all the people who will be there. Give the players all the resources listed above, or have them use their own phones for recording. Alternatively, use Instagram Video to record as those videos are restricted to being no longer than 15 seconds. You can award points using the ideas listed below, or you can come up with your own scoring system:. Beneath this is a link for a printable sheet containing these same lyrics please feel free to print off as many copies as you need when playing this.


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    Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printables

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    This year, in its twelfth season, the Hartford Stage has teamed up with Blue Back Square to send fans on a scavenger hunt through family-friendly shops.

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