Has there been treasure found on oak island

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has there been treasure found on oak island

The Curse of Oak Island: The Story of the Worlds Longest Treasure Hunt by Randall Sullivan

In 1795, a teenager discovered a mysterious circular depression in the ground on Oak Island, in Nova Scotia, Canada, and ignited rumors of buried treasure. Early excavators uncovered a clay-lined shaft containing layers of soil interspersed with wooden platforms, but when they reached a depth of ninety feet, water poured into the shaft and made further digging impossible.

Since then the mystery of Oak Island’s “Money Pit” has enthralled generations of treasure hunters, including a Boston insurance salesman whose obsession ruined him; young Franklin Delano Roosevelt; and film star Errol Flynn. Perplexing discoveries have ignited explorers’ imaginations: a flat stone inscribed in code; a flood tunnel draining from a man-made beach; a torn scrap of parchment; stone markers forming a huge cross. Swaths of the island were bulldozed looking for answers; excavation attempts have claimed two lives. Theories abound as to what’s hidden on Oak Island—pirates’ treasure, Marie Antoinette’s lost jewels, the Holy Grail, proof that Sir Francis Bacon was the true author of Shakespeare’s plays—yet to this day, the Money Pit remains an enigma.

The Curse of Oak Island is a fascinating account of the strange, rich history of the island and the intrepid treasure hunters who have driven themselves to financial ruin, psychotic breakdowns, and even death in pursuit of answers. And as Michigan brothers Marty and Rick Lagina become the latest to attempt to solve the mystery, as documented on the History Channel’s television show The Curse of Oak Island, Sullivan takes readers along to follow their quest firsthand.
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The Curse of Oak Island: Actual Treasure Found at Smith's Cove (Season 6) - History

Do They Ever Find Anything on Oak Island? Plus, How to Visit

The Oak Island mystery refers to stories of buried treasure and unexplained objects found on or near Oak Island in Nova Scotia. Since the 19th century, a number of attempts have been made to locate treasure and artifacts. Theories about artifacts present on the island range from pirate treasure, to Shakespearean manuscripts, to possibly the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant, with the Grail and the Ark having been buried there by the Knights Templar. Various items have surfaced over the years that were found on the island, some of which have since been carbon-dated and found to be hundreds of years old. Although these items can be considered treasure in their own right, no significant main treasure site has ever been found. The site consists of digs by numerous people and groups of people. The original shaft, in an unknown location today, was dug by early explorers and known as "the money pit.

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Have the Laginas found anything on Oak Island?

History Channel. With years of treasure hunting under their belts, it seems as though Marty and Rick Lagina might be closer than ever to finding real treasure on Oak Island. Up ahead, we take a closer look at what the Laginas have found so far, including the artifacts already discovered on season 6 of The Curse of Oak Island. The so-called Knights Templar cross is perhaps one of the most exciting treasures found on Oak Island. Upon first glance, the cross resembled a Knights Templar cross — which Rick Lagina had seen in person examples of when visiting the Templar prison in Domme, France. Tests show that the cross does not come from North America.

Could Oak Island be home to hidden treasure, or is it just the site of an enduring tall tale? On a recent sunny Saturday, Tony Sampson, treasure hunter, welcomed guests from Ontario, New Brunswick, Los Angeles and New York to his tour boat for a guided trip of the waters around Oak Island, entertaining them with stories of the Knights Templar, pirate gold and decades spent diving on shipwrecks around the world. Sampson, who has a military bearing, a British accent and a well-rehearsed arsenal of sly jokes, concludes by suggesting his guests cross the causeway to visit the interpretation centre on the island. Sampson had customers for his tour last year. This year, if the numbers hold up, he should have 3, They are coming from wherever The Curse of Oak Island is broadcast. The hit reality show tells the story of two Michigan brothers who are following in the footsteps of treasure hunters who have been digging up the island for more than years.

The History series The Curse of Oak Island has spent six seasons exploring Oak Island, which is cloaked in mystery and varying tales of buried pirate treasure and other valuable artifacts. Many have tried and failed to find the treasure, with past expedition investors including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Errol Flynn, and John Wayne. Since , Rick and Marty Lagina have hoped to finally solve the mystery — but have they had any luck so far? Below, we'll explore what finds — if any — the brothers have uncovered to date — plus how you can visit there yourself to join in the hunt. It is currently privately owned. In , the Lagina Brothers purchased a controlling interest in Oak Island Tours , which owned most of the island. When they're not treasure hunting themselves, their company leads private and public tours.


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