Ao haru ride segunda temporada 2018

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ao haru ride segunda temporada 2018

?????? 2 (Ao Haru Ride, #2) by Io Sakisaka

An easy 5 stars!

This volume of Ao Haru Ride was superb! Futaba and Kou become class reps and have the task of motivating their team - Yuri, Murao and Aya, during the overnight leadership retreat. Lots of super cute moments ensue between Futaba and Kou and I ship them SOOOOOOOOO much! I know Kou is playing hard to get but I really hope he does end up with Futaba - they are adorable.

Elsewhere Yuri overhears an intimate exchange between Murao and Mr Tanaka (Kou’s older brother and teacher) - btw, why is Murao so hot?! My goodness - she is stunning!

Having successfully got through the tasks, the team now have some nice memories to cherish with Futaba falling harder for Kou, however, at the end of this volume, Yuri also admits she has a crush on him too!

Cannot wait for volume 3! :D
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Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride) MV - I Will

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Io Sakisaka

Ao Haru Ride, season 2

She doesn't even realize how unhappy she is until one day a boy who looks just like Kou appears at school. Is he really her old crush? What happened to him back in middle school? And is Futaba strong enough to try and find out, even if it means becoming a target again? Ao Haru Ride is an original manga created by Io Sakisaka.

Rhitankar Nath. May 14, Add comment. The original Japanese manga managed to sell about 5. We need a season 2 of the anime "Ao Haru Ride"!

Almost breath-taking. It makes you feel. The expressions trap you. You get so caught up in what just happened on it makes you laugh! What anyone who has watched this anime knows is that it leaves you on a huge cliffhanger for numerous things. The manga is finished however the first season came out about 3 years ago and the second has yet to show or be dated. At the time that it first came out it was not very popular.

Ao Haru Ride is an original manga created by Io Sakisaka. In it was adapted into an anime, available streaming on Crunchyroll as Blue.
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  1. Usadtecfu1968 says:

    We need a season 2 of the anime "Ao Haru Ride"! The readers of this manga have increased with thousands of people, and the anime is now wanted more than.

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    It began serialization in the February issue of Shueisha 's Bessatsu Margaret and ended in February

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