Dr rhonda patrick intermittent fasting

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dr rhonda patrick intermittent fasting

Former NASA scientist on Cold Thermogenesis, Intermittent Fasting, Weight Loss & Healthspan (interviewed by Dr. Rhonda Patrick) Video (Author: Alexia Brue)

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Published 27.11.2018

Intermittent, but prolonged, calorie restriction may improve metabolic markers

Intermittent fasting means different things to different people, even among the research community. Fasting Q&A with Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Mike Maser.


Log in. Sign up. Subscribe to this podcast. Promoting strategies to increase healthspan, well-being, cognitive and physical performance through deeper understandings of biology. This podcast is the audio from a presentation Dr. Rhonda Patrick gave on how the sauna may be an exercise mimetic for heat health and healthspan.

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Stylerunner's online magazine dedicated to the news you need to know about 2. Podcasts are all the rage, quickly taking over the media industry one brand at a time. And sitting on the forefront is Trained by Nike. The podcast explores the cutting-edge of holistic fitness, featuring a number of big-name industry experts. And joining podcast host Ryan Flaherty during a recent episode saw biochemist expert Dr. The hot topic of intermittent fasting has popped up as a must-do in recent years, but what exactly is it and why is it essential for living a healthy, long life? Rhonda Patrick answers all your burning questions below.

Practiced for millennia by various cultures and religious groups, fasting is now widely appreciated for its beneficial effects on human metabolism and healthspan. As such, fasting provides a mechanism that not only improves overall body composition but also triggers the activation of biochemical processes and signaling pathways that optimize human performance and physiological function, possibly slowing the processes of aging and disease. Fasting also stimulates hormesis, a compensatory defense response following exposure to a mild stressor short-term food deprivation that is disproportionate to the magnitude of the stressor. Hormesis triggers a vast array of protective mechanisms that not only repair cell damage but also provide protection from subsequent exposure to more devastating stressors. Intermittent fasting means different things to different people, even among the research community. This lack of specificity has been a source of consternation for experts in the field of fasting, with some advocating that the phrase be retired. Often, when someone uses this phrase they may actually mean one of the following:.


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